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Who is responsible for a car when the laon is in his name and the Car title is in my name?

As far as I understand.... The person who's name is on the car title is the owner of the car (Period). and if..... you are the COSIGNER for this person and your name is not ( Full Answer )
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What are the Legal documents required in order to change the name of the person who has taken laon from a bank by securing a property but the property is now in the name of another person?

The original mortgagor must discuss the situation with the lender. The original mortgagor applied for the loan and was approved by the lender. Most mortgage documents carry a ( Full Answer )
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In what country is the Laons commune located?

The Laons commune is located in the country of France. It is found in the north eastern part of the country near the Loir river and has a population of only 726 people.