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Who was Laozi?

Laozi was a Chinese philosopher who created the idea of Daoism. Laozi thought that both Communism and Legalism were a little off with there ideas to re-create a better society ( Full Answer )
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When did laozi die?

No one really knows when he died. It said on Wikipedia, When he died: Zhou Dynasty. It's hard to tell but maybe you need to research more. Maybe look it up on YouTube or somet ( Full Answer )
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Did laozi wrote a holy book?

yes, it was called the way of virtue. The techinical name I believe is Doode or something.( I took notes in my class and I wrote really messy so Im not sure if that's how its ( Full Answer )
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When was Laozi born?

Lao Zi may have been a legend, the Old Wise One who was born old and infinitely wise for he was in his mother's womb for eighty-one years, but many confirm he was an actual li ( Full Answer )
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What dynasty was Laozi from?

Laozi is not an entirely historical figure in the sense that Confucius was, though by all accounts they were approximately simultaneous and are reputed to have met one another ( Full Answer )
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How did laozi die?

at age 73, he journeyed to rest in peace in the Himalaya mountains, the most beautiful place that came to his mind. He wanted to be alone and be unspoken about his death. He w ( Full Answer )
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How did laozi believe a leader should govern?

Leaders should govern by delegating tasks to others. They then manage the results for the benefit of the governed. Leaders lead best when they remain in the background.
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What did Laozi teach?

Laozi was a teacher of Daoism. He also taght that the main goal was to achive oness with daor
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Did Albert Einstein read laozi?

Yes. Daodejing was one of Einstein's most valued books. More sabout it could be found at: laozi math chern / laozi - chern - ( Full Answer )
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What did laozi believe in?

TO ME:I learned that he beileve in watever can be explain will beexplain,he believed that all living things in the entire universeare all attracted and divided as he study the ( Full Answer )
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What year did Laozi die?

We do not know what year Laozi (Lao Tzu) died. In fact we do not even know what century he lived in. There are really no contemporary historical records of Laozi, and there is ( Full Answer )
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Why was laozi famous?

According to legend, Laozi was a great philosopher wrote the book called Tao Te Ching . He was traditionally considered as the founder of Taoism.
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What did laozi do?

It is said that Laozi created Daoism which is a Philosophy created in Ancient China.. BUT it is said that Laozi may have not existed people say he might of lived in the 500's ( Full Answer )
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How do laozi people find happiness?

Laozi people find happiness by hating books and teachers. Laozi people study the nature, lives in harmony, and they leave things alone and let nature take over by not doing.
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How did Laozi believe an orderly society could be achieved?

He looked beyond everyday worries to focus on the Dao which means the way, of the universe as a whole. Laozi once said: Those who know the Dao do not speak of it, those who ( Full Answer )
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What was the goal of the philosophies of confusions laozi and the legalists?

1. a store that sells food and supplies to the personnel or workers in a military post, mining camp, lumber camp, or the like.. 2. a dining room or cafeteria, especially one ( Full Answer )
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Who were kongfuzi and laozi?

Kong Fuzi was a Chinese philosopher living in China around 551 B.C.E. He was born into a low-ranking noble family, and was originally an accountant. He is most well known for ( Full Answer )
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Was LaoZi an actual person?

yes and no there is no proof he is a real person or not a person
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What has the author Laozi written?

Laozi has written: 'Tao te ching' 'Lao tzu tao te ching' -- subject(s): Taoist Philosophy, Taoist literature 'The Tao of wisdom' -- subject(s): Taoism 'Tao te ching' - ( Full Answer )
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How are the ideas of Confucius and laozi similar and different?

You need to open your book and read that chapter. This is homework and we don't do homework. In the back of the book is a glossary as well and in the chapter you are reading i ( Full Answer )