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What does the name 'Leah' mean?

Answer . The common Hebrew interpretation would be weary or "sad eyed". But Leah was named not in Hebrew, but in Chaldees which translates to "mistress of the house.". Alt (MORE)
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How do you say 'Leah' in Russian?

All i know is the Name Leah, as i annoy her with it, i am part Russian and it is Лия pronounced Liya, if i just want to spell it it is actually L = Л, E = Э (MORE)
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Who is 'leah eider'?

Leah and Eider are two completely different names. Leah in the old testament is the daughter of Laban who gave her in marriage to his kinsmen Jacob (See Genesis-29). Eider i (MORE)
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You are a 13 year old girl who wants to be in a Twilight movie but there are no other parts other then Leah and Seth Clearwater which you need special critiria for which you don't have What do you do?

Well you could always be in other movies. Also Twilight might need extras for their upcoming movies so keep your ears open. If Twilight doesn't work out for you, then keep tak (MORE)
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Describe the physical traits of Bella edward Alice Emmett Jacob rose charlie Esme carlisle jasper riley bree Victoria sue clearwater Leah clearwater seth clearwater the old quil ateara maria charlotte?

I see you have a lot of questions. Bella - Hair: Brown; wavy. Eyes: Hazel; tend to tear up often. Skin: Ivory; clear. Figure: Slim; short (5'2 to be exact.) Edward - (MORE)
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What has the author Devorah-Leah written?

Devorah-Leah. has written: 'Shabbos is coming! We're lost in the zoo' -- subject(s): Fiction, Stories in rhyme, Zoos, Jews, Zoo animals, Sabbath