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Did Vader know that Leia was his daughter?

No, actually. He knew he had a daughter, but he didn't know it was Leia. Realize how when he was talking to Luke, he called her "your sister".
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What did jabba do to leia?

He made her his slave. He went about it by first pulling her into his arms, face-to-face, so her belly was shoved up against his, and after sarcastically telling off her th ( Full Answer )
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How does leia die?

It isn't like Leia is a alien that never dies. She is a regular human who dies when shes really old, sicknessn or killed. Why don't you ask "How does a human die?" if you ask ( Full Answer )
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How old is Princess Leia?

Since Leia and Luke are twins, they are the same age. They were born 19 years before A New Hope happened. Both Luke and Leia are 23 years old in Return of the Jedi
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Did jabba lick leia?

Although Jabba did in fact extend his tongue at Leia when she was first captured and pressed up against his bulky body, and Leia turned her head and groaned in disgust, we do ( Full Answer )
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Is princess leia Lukes mother?

Luke and Leia are siblings and their father is Anakin while their mother is Padme.
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Does leia and han solo get married?

Yes. There is a huge collection of graphic novels and novels on events that happen after the films. Han and Leia married and had 3 kids: the twins Jaina and Jacen, and Anakin ( Full Answer )
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What is 'Leia' in French?

The word 'Leia' may be a name . In French, the name is pronounced as follows: LAY-ah.. Or the word may be the Spanish verb , in the imperfect indicative, to mean '[I, you, ( Full Answer )
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How old is leia?

She was born in Revenge of the Sith (lll), 19 in A New Hope (IV), 22 in The Empire Strikes Back (V), and 26 in Return of the Jedi (VI).
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How do you get leia to marry you?

call her black girl :) that ALWAYS does the trick, or maybe meet her at her fave store ;)
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Leia Callaghan Is The Best Name?

Leia Callaghan Is The Best Name Actully It Cool And Funky Dylan Micheal Pairias And Stephen Sucks ha ha leia i think if if ur name is leia its alright but if its followed by ( Full Answer )
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What happens when Luke and leia meet?

Luke stops in front of one of the cells and blasts the door away with a laser pistol. When the smoke clears, Luke sees the dazzling young princess-senator. She had been sl ( Full Answer )
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Did leia dance for jabba?

It basically depends on what you mean by your question.. Would Leia dance for Jabba if Luke and everyone else died?. Judging by Oola's treatment, Yes!. or. Did Leia actual ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with leia?

Do you mean the Spanish word "leia" meaning "I used to read" or "I read", or do you mean a name Leia? Which one you mean would change what answers a person gives. Please edit ( Full Answer )
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Where does Princess Leia live?

Princess Leia originally lived in Alderaan, but then the Death Star destroyed it with their giant weapon thing that shoots giant lasers, but she was born on Coruscant. she doe ( Full Answer )
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Did jabba kiss leia?

In the script of "The Return of the Jedi" it does state that Jabba licked Leia on the lips and referred to it as a 'beastly kiss'. So, I think you can safely say that yes he d ( Full Answer )
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Can leia use the force?

Yes, because she is a Jedi. When Luke created the New Jedi Order, he trained Leia in lightsaber combat and on using the Force
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Who killed princess leia?

No one killed Princess Leia in the movies. I don't know if she was by chance killed in one of the EU books.
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Why did Jabba make Leia his slave?

Consider the following. Jabba has had a former smuggler associate of his, Han Solo, as not only his prisoner, but hanging in an art gallery encased in carbonite for some time. ( Full Answer )
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Leia on LEGO Indiana Jones?

Yes this is true, though out the game there is 5 hidden Star Wars characters. When you find them all you unlock the power to buy Han Solo. Which is played by the same actor wh ( Full Answer )
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Does Princess Leia have a weapon?

Yes, she uses blasters and in the Expanded Universe, she becomes a Jedi and uses Lightsabers and The Force
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Did Leia eventually get used to Jabba?

Repeated tugs on her chain result in Leia falling or pressing up against Jabba with little or no reactions of disgust or revolt on her part, save the pain of the collar on her ( Full Answer )
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Will Leia live with you in harvest moon?

If you marry Leia she will live in the Duck Pond on your farm. You must hire Gotz to build a Duck Pond if you want to marry her. Otherwise she will have no where to stay an ( Full Answer )
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What did Slave Leia eat and drink?

I don't think she really got a chance to eat or drink anything since she was really a slave for like only a half-day (based on an wild guess)
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Did Jabba ever cuddle Leia?

It's debatable; although it's likely that Leia was, to Jabba, primarily used for entertainment, the fact that Jabba is seen, in the film, stroking her shoulder and at several ( Full Answer )
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Did Leia love Luke?

Yes Leia was in LOVE with Luke. According to the book in the 70s Leia and Luke went on a secret mission to stop Darth Vader on another planet. They become closer. And when the ( Full Answer )
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Does leia become a sith?

No, but unfortunately, her son, Jacen Solo does become the Sith known as Darth Caedus
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Who is playing Leia?

Princess Leia was played by Carrie Fisher. She is resuming her rolefor the new Star Wars film by Disney
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Is leia awesome?

leia is the 2nd most awesome person after nandita! leia is very good at tennis and is really funny
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Is anakin related to pricess leia?

Yes he is related to her, ....Anakin/Darth Vader is Leia'sFather....Leia never knew until "return of the jedi" theSkywalker family there is ........ Anakin Skywalker/D ( Full Answer )
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Who is the actress that played Princess Leia?

Carrie Frances Fisher was the actress who played Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. She wrote a novel Postcards from the Edge and also the screen play for the f ( Full Answer )
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Does princess Leia have a light saber?

She did get one when Luke started a New Jedi Order some time after the events in Return of the Jedi
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Who is Slave Leia?

"Slave Leia" is not a distinct character in Star Wars, but refersto Princess Leia when she was taken captive by Jabba the Hutt inReturn of the Jedi and forced to wear a very r ( Full Answer )