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What do Leos like?

figs, lemons, coconut, peaches, sunflower seeds and apples
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Are Leos and Gemini compatible?

In regards to a love compatibility, Leos and Geminis are verycompatible. This pair will really enjoy each other's company.
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Do Leos get on with Aquarius?

At times yes. Remember the two are opposites, or polars. So, sometimes opposite natures, and sometimes harmonious.
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What are Leos like?

Leo is the fifth Sign of the Zodiac. These folks are impossible tomiss, since they love being center stage. Making an impression isJob One for Leos, and when you consider thei (MORE)
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What is Leos?

Leo is the sign of a lion birthday of July 23- Aug.23
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What is Leos birthstone?

The birthstone for Leo depends on which month the person is born. The sign Leo covers both July and August from July 23rd to August 23rd. There are also varied lists of birt (MORE)
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How do Leos act?

Leos are like the "cool guys," the ones who really want to be the awsome stuff. They usually have big egos, too. All they want is to be the lead roll of the play. Their most l (MORE)
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What is a Leos personality?

It varies completely from person to person. Birth date doesn't have any effect on personality.
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Are leos amazing?

They certainly think they are! Since their symbol is the lion, the believe they are the kings of all things going on within their prides. Avee4u ---> A Leo person is a (MORE)
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Why do leos have issues?

Leos tend to have issues with their ego. Often they are tooself-centered, and seek too strongly the approval of others tobuild their self-worth.
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Cancer-Leo man compatible with Leo-Virgo female?

WOW! Talk about fireworks. Cancer/Virgo are very compatible and Leo/Leo can be very compatible if egos are set aside. Leos are caring, nurturing and very protective of loved o (MORE)
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What is Leo-pets?

Leo pets treat themselves as part of a royal family and move around in an elegant way. They are the cream of the crop and are dominant in nature. They are very anxious to gain (MORE)
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Do Leos cheat?

Leo : is the fifth and fixed/fire sign of the zodiac. General personality traits of a typical Leonine: Positive : Loyal and honest, house proud, lively, hospitable and (MORE)
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Why do Leos and Taurus have difficult relationships?

well, really, the zodiac stuff is bacicly just a mix of astrology and mythology, because not EVERY SINGLE Leo or Taurus will have bad relationships. zodiac signs were made for (MORE)
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Are Leos controlling?

Yes. Leo is the sign of royalty and demands more respect than any other birth sign. The problem is, they don't always understand that respect is a 2-way street.
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Are Leos spoiled?

Not neccessarily. They try to be, though.
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Are Leos snobs?

only ones from Wisconsin.
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Are Leos violent?

Violence has little to do with astrological planetary placement and more to do with personal disciplinary choice. With the determination displayed by fire signs (Aries, Leo, S (MORE)
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Are leos royalty?

The ruling planet for the leo is the sun, so people figure that everything revolves around us. Lions are also kings of the jungle. So all in all, yes, if you are Leo, you are (MORE)
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Who is Leos mares?

Leoš Mareš is a Czech singer and tv and radio host.
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What does leos mean?

Leo is Latin in origin and means "lion".
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Are Leos affectionate?

Yes! Leo the Lion rules the heart, and their ruling planet is theSun! They're usually happy people who are very loving!
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Do Leos cuddle?

Yes! People who are born under the sign of The Lion are veryaffectionate!