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What is a Leo?

A Leo is a person whose birthday occurs in August. Astrologersbelieve that the star sign that a person falls under can reveal alot about their personality traits.
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Do Leos get on with Aquarius?

At times yes. Remember the two are opposites, or polars. So, sometimes opposite natures, and sometimes harmonious.
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What is the Leo horscope?

Leo July 23 - August 22 . Leo is the fifth Sign of the Zodiac. These folks are impossible to miss, since they love being center stage. Making an impression is Job One for L ( Full Answer )
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Who was Leo Frank?

Leo Frank was the manager of his uncle's pencil factory in Atlanta, Georgia. Leo Frank a northern educated Jew murdered and raped one of his child laborers named Mary Phagan d ( Full Answer )
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Leo tolstoy was what?

The most celebrated Russian author, who lived in the 19th century. He wrote "War & Peace" and "Anna-Karenina" among others. In addition, his Christian writings, in particular, ( Full Answer )
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What are Leos like?

Leo is the fifth Sign of the Zodiac. These folks are impossible tomiss, since they love being center stage. Making an impression isJob One for Leos, and when you consider thei ( Full Answer )
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Who is Leo Aikman?

Leo Aikman, 1908-1978, was a columnist for the Atlanta Constitution from 1947 until his death. He also was a humorist and speaker who entertained and inspired audiences across ( Full Answer )
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Libra and Leo?

Best match in astrology. The Leo is very zesty and hyper, while the laidback Libra hangs around them. They are both very sharp-minded and both have a great sense of humor. T ( Full Answer )
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Who is Leo Butler?

he was born June 29th 1995 and he is a sly old foxy stote grrrrrrrrr and he is on the prowl grrrrrrr for PIG! stay fresh stay cool he was born June 29th 1995 and he is a sly o ( Full Answer )
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Who is Leo in stargirl?

Leo is the narrator and one of the main characters in "Stargirl." He is the first to befriend Stargirl, and tries to get her to come on the school program "Hot Seat."
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What is the stars in a Leo?

Here is some information on three of Leo's stars - The three brightest stars in Leo the Lion are : Alpha Leonis or Regulus (the Lion's heart) with an apparent magnitude of 1.3 ( Full Answer )
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Where can Leo be seen?

Depends where you live. Why don't you download Stellarium (it's free from Set your location and you can then search for all night time objects.
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Who is Leo Howard?

Leo Howard is an American actor who has his own show; Leo Little's Big Show . He is also known for playing Laser in the movie Shorts . He played Young Snake Eyes in the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Leo Bell?

The Leo bell I know lived in up state NY, and vermont, he was the father of Vernon, and Raymond bell, He was a farmer
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How do Leos act?

Leos are like the "cool guys," the ones who really want to be the awsome stuff. They usually have big egos, too. All they want is to be the lead roll of the play. Their most l ( Full Answer )
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Are leos amazing?

They certainly think they are! Since their symbol is the lion, the believe they are the kings of all things going on within their prides. Avee4u ---> A Leo person is a ( Full Answer )
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Why do leos have issues?

Leos tend to have issues with their ego. Often they are tooself-centered, and seek too strongly the approval of others tobuild their self-worth.
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Is oct15 a Leo?

No. Leo extends from 23rd July to 22nd August. 15 th October is Libra in the western zodiac. It is also Crow or Raven in the Amerind earth magic zodiac.
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How did Leo get found?

he was found when eric was trying to be a guy that demonstrates his life in the woods eric got a flat tire and was stuck in the middle of the road when he wanted to fix it he ( Full Answer )
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Is Leo is lucky?

of course they are leo's are very lucky as you can see leo's are the luckiest zodiac sign ever
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What is special about the Leo?

is the astrological sign that rules. when we look at the suns position and the metal that reigns over we have a strong reaction. this plus the element of fire which is set to ( Full Answer )
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Who is Leo in tekken?

Leo is from a talented family in which her father is a spelunker and her mother works for G Corporation. He followed her father's footsteps and also became a spelunker. A trag ( Full Answer )
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What are advantages of LEO?

Leo the sign of braveness. LEO is the sign people have for being sagittarrius it means i was born at the starters of sis is Gemini it means she was born ( Full Answer )
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Why was Leo named Leo and why?

Do you mean Leo the star sign? If so, it represents a lion and Leo is the Latin for lion.
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Does a Leo and a Leo a good match?

yes and no it all depends on the person,plus,since they both dramatic it can be a very very dramatic couple, fire vs fire ,but other than that then...yes a very good couple
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Do Leos cheat?

Leo : is the fifth and fixed/fire sign of the zodiac. General personality traits of a typical Leonine: Positive : Loyal and honest, house proud, lively, hospitable and ( Full Answer )
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Are Leos violent?

Violence has little to do with astrological planetary placement and more to do with personal disciplinary choice. With the determination displayed by fire signs (Aries, Leo, S ( Full Answer )
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What are the attributes of a Leo?

if your a Leo it means your proud, confident, generous, can be lazy sometimes, enthusiastic and you enspire people while making others green with envy.
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Did Leo Tolstoy?

Q: Read the four gospels with a fresh honesty, pointing out what he believed is most immediately important of Christ's doctrine and that Leo believed the church only taught ma ( Full Answer )
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What did Leo brouwer do?

Leo Brouwer composed many songs. Some songs that he composed were for the Beatles such as Penny Lane
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Who is Leo Valdez?

Leo Valdez is a fictional charater in Rick Riordan's "Heroes ofOlympus" series. He is part of the Prophecy of Seven. He is a sonof Hephestus with fire powers and a magical too ( Full Answer )
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How old is Leo?

South Korean singer Leo ( Jung Taek-woon) is 27 years old (born November 10, 1990).
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Who is Leo Murphy?

Leo Murphy is a radio show owner called the leo murphy show its all about football. He also owns a wealthy company called Leo Web Makers who makes websites and apps for people ( Full Answer )
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Who is Leo Komarov?

Leo Komarov is a professional ice hockey player. He is currently a member of the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs.
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How do you tell if you are a Leo?

You are only a Leo - if you're born with in the dates for that starsign (July 23rd to August 22nd)