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What is Scottish for Liam?

nothing Liam is branched of the British name William. The Irish did not like the British, so they changed William to Liam
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Who was Liam teague?

Liam Teague is hailed as the â??Paganini of the Steelpan". He isthe current Associate Professor of Music at Northern IllinoisUniversity.
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What phone does Liam from 90210 have?

The character Shenae Grime uses a Sidekick LX and the characterAdrianna used a T-Mobile G1 in an episode.
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What date is Liam o'donovans birthday?

The actor of Liam O Donavan, Rhichard Whisker, has a birthday on the 1st of febuary 1995. Liam O Donavan himself has actually no birthday. The director hasnt yet thought up a ( Full Answer )
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Who killed Liam in corrination street?

tony cause hes a sick twisted idiot and now hes in prison well he didnt kill him he got some one to
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Does Miley love liam?

Yes but he is not into her he looks uninterested and sad when he is with her
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How do you spell Liam in Irish?

It's already spelled in Irish - Liam . It's a short form of Uilliam (William).
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Does Liam James wear boxers?

I think so, if you watch the movie 2012 (Sony Pictures), there is a scene where you see Noah (Liam) doing pull ups on a plane wing and you see his blue boxers. Its only a few ( Full Answer )
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Does Liam crean have a pinky?

the midst of the people. Adolf Hitler All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks t ( Full Answer )
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What is Liam Hemsworth's address?

OMG leave him alone he just wants a normal life just like you or me how would you feel if someone asked for your address on the internet??? So just back off before I hunt you ( Full Answer )
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Who is Liam hemsworth currently dating?

Miley Cyrus in fact he moevd in with the Cyrus family after there breakup they got back together so its still goung on
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Where does Liam O'Donovan live?

Jacqueline Wilson created a character called Liam O'Donovan. He ispart of the Tracy Beaker series. He lived at Elm Tree House.
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Where does Liam hemsworh live?

he is originally from Australia, i think from the city of Perth. now he is living L.A
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Who does Liam in 90210 love?

he used to love naomi clarck (by the way i hate her so muuch) but in the end of 90210 season 2 Liam faced many troubles and problems with his step father and his father that's ( Full Answer )
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Who is Liam heanswearth?

Liam Hensworth is an Australian actor and starred in the movie 'the last song' with co-actoress Miley Cyrus. They dated for sometime but now they are officially brocken up.
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What is Liam Bruce?

Liam Bruce of Cullompton, a previous prolific offender has been served with an interim Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO), conditions of which ban him from Cherry Tree Stores, ( Full Answer )
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Who is Liam hemsworth?

Liam Hemsworth is Miley now boyfriend and he also appeared in the Last Song with playing Miley's
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What race is Liam hemsworth?

many people are thinking he is british austrailian or even american but really hes indian his mom and dad are both from india and he was born there in the capital we are right ( Full Answer )
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What is liam hemsworth height?

He says he's 6'3" but in reality he is about 6'4". Many tall actors downplay their height.
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Is Liam goin to ask you out?

he already did, i told him i couldn't go because well lets face it... that boys a dog!
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Is Liam Fleming gay?

Which Liam Fleming? If you are talking about the one from Newton then Yes he is but he's changed his name and lives in London...
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What is Liam Hemsworths dogs name?

Liam Hemsworth's ( & Miley Cyrus's ) name is Mate, since, after all, he is Australian.
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Why did miley and Liam break up?

As you may know, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have broken up (unfortunately). There were rumors that Liam Hemsworth has been flirting with 26 year old Katy. Here is some ( Full Answer )
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What school does Liam James go?

HE GOES TO MY SCHOOL hes pretty nice but i will never tell u cuz alot of ppl ask me so he told me not to tell srry:)
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Why Did Miley and Liam breakup?

they never broke up it was all just a rumor Miley even said they did not breakup
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Who is Liam J?

If you are talking about Liam James Payne then you are talking about one of the members from One direction. but if thats not what your looking for then i dont know who your ta ( Full Answer )
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Does Liam drink?

Liam useually drinks football and Red Foxes but I think his favourite drink is Random questions. He also likes Cars & Vehicles.
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Who is Liam gallhager?

Liam Gallagher was the former frontman of the band Oasis until they split in 2009 and is now frontman of his new band Beady Eye and has his own clothing range Pretty Green
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What age is Liam?

Liam is 18 years old. his birthday is on August 29, 1993 Harry is 17 years old. his birthday is on February 1, 1994 Zayn is 18 years old. his birthday is on January 12, 1993 N ( Full Answer )
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Who is Liam payne?

Liam James Payne was born in Wolverhampton, England on August 29, 1993 to Geoff and Karen Payne. He has a sister named Nicola. Liam auditioned for the X-Factor during the fi ( Full Answer )
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Who is Liam Brady?

Liam Brady (born 13 February 1956) is an Irish former association football player, and former assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland national football team.
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Who is Liam Williams?

Liam is a Llanelli Scarlet first team player. Normal positions arewing but in the marjority hes a full back. Now a first team playeras well for wales in 2014 season