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Who is Liams paynes best friend?

Assuming you mean Liam Payne from One Direction he says in the Dare to Dream book that his friends are Martin, Andy, and Ronnie but I don't know what their last names are. Als (MORE)
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Who is Liams parents?

Liam's parents are Karen J. Payne and Geoffrey R. Payne.
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What is Liams paynes girlfriends name?

CelebGossipNews: Nov 2012 Liam Payne has been reportedly dating Essex model Chantelle McKinnon McGuire. The pair both 19, have been meeting up in secret locations away fr (MORE)
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What is Niall and Liams middle name?

Niall's is James and same for Liam they share the same middle name i think that's what makes them so close.!! well only a true directioner would know that and wouldn't have to (MORE)
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What is Liams girlfriend's name?

Note** This info. is only telling of events happening before and to the date of October, 9, 2012. As of now, British-Irish boyband One Direction's Liam Payne is single, and (MORE)