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Where is 'Mona Lisa'?

The Mona Lisa . Musée du Louvre in Paris, France. In fact, Mona Lisa is owned by the french government so she will probably never leave there again. . If you are going ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lisa Simpson?

Lisa is featured in an american animated tv series called the simpons.She has a Baby sister Maggie and a brother who is called Bart.She goes to springfield elementry school.Sh ( Full Answer )
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What is the Mona Lisa?

Answer . Mona Lisa, Artist's Model * Born: 1503 * Birthplace: Florence, Italy * Best Known As: Famous portrait by Leonardo da Vinci The Mona Lisa is a famous 16th-century ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lisa Anna?

i kinda porn star. in 2006 she was named milf of the year. she is starring in a movie being currently filmed called who is nailin paylin.
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Who is Lisa Eldridge?

Lisa Eldridge is makeup artist to the stars. She is currently the makeup artist on channel 4's 10 years younger.
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Who is Lisa Zaran?

\nLisa Zaran is an American poet, essayist, artist and author. She has written extensively for journals, magazines and anthologies worldwide. Her first poetry collection, "t ( Full Answer )
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What is the Mona Lisa about?

The Mona Lisa is a Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, In the Painting there is a Female figure, People believe that it is famous for her Unhappy smile, But this is untrue, The ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lisa Milroy?

Lisa Milroy was born in 1959. She is a Canadian painter, now working in the UK. She primarily paints still lifes.
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Who was Lisa mcpherson?

Lisa McPherson was a young American woman, whose death in 1995 caused a media frenzy that ignited negative feelings towards the Church of Scientology. Charges against the chur ( Full Answer )
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Where is Mona Lisa from?

The Mona Lisa, made by Leonardo da Vinci, was made in Florence, Italy. It took Da Vinci 4 years to complete it.
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What does the Lisa in the Mona Lisa mean?

Lisa is her first name. She was born Lisa Gherardini and became Lisa del Giocondo when she got married. Mona is short for Madonna or as people would say in English: Ma'am or M ( Full Answer )
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Return it to Lisa and I or Return it to Lisa and me?

Generally the word you use to refer to yourself is the same whether or not another person is involved. You would say "please return this to me" and you would say "please re ( Full Answer )
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What was the mona Lisa about?

All I know is that the Mona Lisa is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini. She was the wife of a merchant in Florence. It is said that he loved her.
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What did mona Lisa do?

Her husband was a famous artist so he drew a picture of her but unfortunately they sold it for money.
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Who is Lisa Anderson?

Lisa Anderson is a young women who won the usa ametuar surfing title in the 1987's and turned porfessional that follwing year.
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Who Is Lisa Lavie?

Singer / Song-writer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada now residing in California. Debut album released on iTunes exclusively, soon to be released in stores worldwide. Over 23 ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lisa from The Simpsons?

She is a eight year old girl and is the daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson, younger sister of Bart and older sister of Maggie.. She is the smartest girl in the whole town, s ( Full Answer )
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Who is mono Lisa?

A famous painting by leonardo da vinci search her on google (the paintings a girl not the artist)
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Who is Lisa Frank?

Lisa frank is a female artist who makes things for little girls and uses a lot of bright colors and has been trying her hardest to make something for boys.
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What is the definition of Lisa?

Lisa is a shortened form of the female name Elisabeth or Elizabeth. Its origins range from English to German, Hebrew, Greek and Israeli but all translate to a meaning of "My ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with Lisa?

Pisa, Risa, Caesar (SALAD) what are you thinking of, names for twins ? if so they don't have to be to alike. it could be Rita, Mia, Maria, .... :)

Who is Lisa Rockelmann?

Lisa is the live-in girlfriend of the Nascar Lowe's team crew chief Chad Knaus. Lisa was born in Colorado. She was living in Chicago Il when she met and went after an engaged ( Full Answer )
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When will Lisa get a boyfriend?

Well Lisa Simpson will get a boyfriend one day. in the Simpson's movie she finds true love but he never turned up in the other episodes
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What does the Mona Lisa not have?

She has no eyebrows studies show eyebrows had been painted on but it faded away after the years. eye brows
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Who is Lisa Greenwald?

She is an American who wrote Sweet treats & Secret crushes. And she had 2 younger brothers.
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Who is Lisa in heartland?

I think you may mean Lisa Stillman. Her nephew, Ben Stillman, works at Heartland with his horse Red. Lisa Stillman owns (I think) Fairfield, a stables for thoroughbred horses, ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lisa Lyver?

Lisa Lyver saved the live of Hayward Demison in Canby, Oregon on 09/10/2010. Hayward Demison is a 17-year-old football player at Catholic Central High School in Portland, Oreg ( Full Answer )
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Is Lisa a verb?

No. Lisa is the name of a person. Therefore it would be a noun. A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a state of being ( exist, stand, etc ) or occur ( Full Answer )
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Is Lisas feel name Lisa?

of course it is! She is such a feel good person that is nice and amazing!
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Who does Lisa have a crush on?

From the Simpsons Movie: Colin is a young environmentalist who has moved to Springfield from Ireland. He falls in love with Lisa, and the film ends with them holding hands. ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lisa tellbe?

Lisa Tellbe is a 17 yearold swedish girl from Örebro, who becamewell known on the social media platform Instagram (username:lisatellbe). Currently Lisa has 315k followers a ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lisa Monaco?

Lisa Oudens Monaco is an American federal prosecutor who currentlyserves as the Assistant to the President for Homeland
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Who was Lisa in the Bible?

Lisa, as a derivative of Elizabeth means 'oath of God.' Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptists and related to the Virgin Mary. See related link:
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Will Lisa get Matt?

Yes. If she continues to eat the way she has been. And does not excercise and become more active then yes she will get....oh wait you said Get MATT. OH then nevermind.