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Where is 'Mona Lisa'?

The Mona Lisa . Musée du Louvre in Paris, France. In fact, Mona Lisa is owned by the french government so she will probably never leave there again. . If you are going (MORE)
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Is the 'Mona Lisa' abstract or realistic?

Realistic I guess you would say. It is a half portrait of Lisa de Giocondo painted by Leonardo da Vinci. While the background was painted in a way that would give the image de (MORE)
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When was 'The Mona Lisa' finished?

Probably in 1506, but some rumours say that Leonardo kept'improving' the painting. That is why he kept it until his death.When he knew he was aboout to die he finished the Mon (MORE)
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Moving 'Mona Lisa'?

The Louvre Museum says that the painting will remain where it is.
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Did Leonardo invent the 'Mona Lisa'?

\nNo, it is widely believed that the woman in the painting was the wife of a banker or merchant in Florence, Italy. Her real name is thought to have been Lisa Gherardini. Mona (MORE)
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Was the 'Mona Lisa' painted with an eyelash?

A contemporary writer wrote that Mona Lisa had eyebrows and eyelashes. Either he had not seen the painting or eybrows etc have been lost during cleaning.