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What was Lola in 'Damn Yankees'?

Answer \n. \nLola was a Temptess who was owned by the devil.\n. \n. \nApril Nixon played an old lady given youth again by Ray Walston, and conived into doing his ill will ( Full Answer )
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Why are the lola cars named lola orafter who?

Eric Broadley, founder of LOLA cars stated that the name LOLA comes from the Shirley Bassey hit song "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets - and little man, Lola WANTS YOU!. Paul R ( Full Answer )
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How can you get a reading with Mama Lola?

Mama Lola will be at the Voodoofest in New Orleans, Louisiana fromOctober 28 to November 5, 2014. You can call 504-522-2111 to bookan appointment for a reading on one of those ( Full Answer )
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Lolo at lola ni rizal?

Ang alam ko pinoy ang lolo ni rizal spanish naman ang lola niya... ito mga pangalan nila... Lolo niya name ay Esoj ang name ng Lola niya naman ay Lariz
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Lyrics to lola by the kinks?

look up the song you really got me by the kinks and it will take you to there page their you will find lyrics to songs, or just look up the kinks songs. hope this helps.
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Why did BBC ban the song lola?

The Kinks' "Lola," the best, most melancholic song about falling in love with a trans-woman ever, was only briefly banned, not because of content that the 1970's audience migh ( Full Answer )
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What is the song lola about?

Lola is either a transvestite - a man who dresses in women's clothes - or a transsexual, a person who has undergone surgery to ostensibly change their gender.
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Is there a Saint Lola?

yes saint lola is the parton saint of sorrow if you look up on google girls saints names i know 100% that the name lola will be there
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Is lola pyscho?

She is crazy!!!! She almost ripped someone's nipple off!! How the heck does someone do that??!!
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Is Lola scary?

Lola is the most scary girl in the world even meaner than your mom . That is pretty mean.
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Who sang lola?

"Lola" was written by Ray Davies and recorded by his band The Kinks in June 1970 on their album "Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One". It charted at #9 on the ( Full Answer )
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What does Lola discover about her mother?

What book? People won't know what Lola you're talking about if you don't say what book she's in. If you mean Atonement by Ian McEwan, which is improbable but not impossible, t ( Full Answer )
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Is lola handicapped?

yes, she is my best friend and shes handicapped...haha not realy...i was just making
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Did lola montez have children?

yes she did a matter of fact she had 2 one elizabeth montez and victoria montez her husband was Nichalos montez
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How old is Lola Albright?

Lola Albright is 91 years old (birthdate: July 20, 1925). * a different source gives her birth year as 1926
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Is Lola Monroe's butt fake?

I think that her butt is fake and her breast are too by looking at the music video Wonder Woman by Trey Songz.
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What is lola rose about?

it's about a girl with her mum and brother who win the lotto and buys loads of clothes. they also go to the aquarium.
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How can you contact Lola Rein Kaufman?

You an write to her via Sholastic Books at this address: Author Name c/o Scholastic Inc. 557 Broadway New York, NY 10012-3999
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Does bugs and lola bunny get married?

From what I have seen on Youtube "Bugs Bunny And Lola A Tribute" Something of that sort it showed slide pictures. One of Lola in a wedding gown, standing next to Bugs Bunny, a ( Full Answer )
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Did Lola Rein Kaufman die?

No. Lola Kaufman is alive and thriving. She lives in New York State and is the author of 'The Hidden Girl', a memoir of her Holocaust years published by Scholastic.
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Can you cook lola Rosa lettuce?

Yes, especially braised for rolls or simmered in soups. It gives out a slightly bitter taste that goes well with certain foods.
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How do you get a Lola?

You go up to the little thing, AND YOU TAKE IT! - The Witch from Into The Woods
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When was Bugs and Lola bunny made?

Bugs Bunny debuted July 27, 1940 in "The Wild Hare" whereas LolaBunny's first appearance was in 1996 in "Space Jam" .
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What are Lola Glaudini's measurements?

Lola Glaudini is an actress born in Manhattan, New York on November24, 1971. Her measurements are bust 34, waist 24, hips 34 and sheis 5'7" tall.
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Who wrote the Charlie and Lola books?

Charlie and Lola are two characters of the Charlie and Lola book series of children books. The author of the Charlie and Lola books is Lauren Child for each book.
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When was Lola Berthet born?

Lola Berthet was born on October 4, 1977, in Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires City, Argentina.
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When was Lola Chlud born?

Lola Chlud was born on July 13, 1905, in Olbersdorf, Austrian Silesia, Austria-Hungary [now Mesto Albrechtice in theCzech Republic].
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When was Lola Lemos born?

Lola Lemos was born on May 5, 1913, in Bra de Aragn, Zaragoza, Aragn, Spain.
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When did Lola Lemos die?

Lola Lemos died on August 6, 2009, in Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain of natural causes.
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When was Lola Montes born?

Lola Montes was born on February 5, 1918, in New York City, New York, USA.
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What are the release dates for Lola - 2010 I?

Lola - 2010 I was released on: USA: 26 May 2010 (Chicago International Film Festival) USA: 21 October 2010 (Austin Film Festival)