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Who is the owner of LT?

The owners of L and T are Danish engineers, Soren KristianToubroand Henning Holck-Larsen. L and T stands for Larsen andToubro Limited. It is an Indian multinational conglomera ( Full Answer )
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What does LT stand for?

Landing_team"> Landing team I think it stands for lieutenant. The question being asked is in the Chevy Corvette category, So I will assume this is an automob ( Full Answer )
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What does RT and Lt mean in baseball?

Are you sure you don't mean football? In football they would be Right Tackle and Left Tackle. In baseball you'd have LF and RF for left field and right field, respectively, bu ( Full Answer )
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What is a Lt Govenor?

A Lt. Governor is second in command to the Governor in state government, like the Vice President to the President in national government.
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What LT stands for in 'AutoCAD LT'?

Lt in autocad stands for nothing realy, The difference between LT and the full version of AutoCAD is that LT does not include 3d functions and does not support Lisp. Y ( Full Answer )
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What does Lt mean?

This depends on the context in which it is found. It can mean Lieutenant, Litre or Lithuania
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Where is Lt from?

If you are talking about Ladainian Tomlinson, he was born in Rosebud, Texas.. if you are talking about Lawrence Taylor, he was born in Williamsburg, Virgina.. Pretty sure th ( Full Answer )
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What is LT-Xlpe?

LT XLPE is a type of power cable often used in computers. They areknown to be able to take high voltage transfers and short circuitmuch less than other types.
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Who is higher Lt Colonel or Lt Commander?

Lt Colonel (Army, Marines, Air Force) is a higher rank because it is a O-5, where a Lt. Commander (Navy, Coast Guard) is an O-4 rank.
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What is an LT tire?

A tire with a size like LT 235/75R16 is a tire that is intended to be used on a L ight T ruck. A Pick-up is a Light Truck It has a higher load capacity than a "p" tire ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to Lt surge?

Goto bill (The pokemaniac) who owns the Pokemon storage system, obtain the SS Anne ticket from him. Go onto the SS Anne ship and find the captain, talk to him to obtain the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lt governor of South Carolina?

In March 2012, Republican Glenn F. McConnell took over the 2011-2015 term as Lt. Gov. of South Carolina, to which Ken Ard had been elected.
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What is a LT panel?

lt oanel is low tension panel... its work is take power from the source and distribute it in a system
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How do you get to Lt. Surge in HeartGold?

I know what Ur talking about because there are electric fences. look in all of the bins on each side of them then you will find Just 1 switch then go to the one on the right a ( Full Answer )
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How do you enter the army as a first Lt?

The only way you'll enter the Army as a higher ranking officer than a Second Lieutenant is direct commission directly related to some area of expertise. If you're a doctor alr ( Full Answer )
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Where is Lt Surge in soul silver?

Vermillion City in the Kanto region. You need to beat the Elite 4 and then you can get to Kanto via the ship in Olivine City. The city you arrive at is Vermillion City.
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How do you get to LT surge in Pokemon HeartGold?

Beat Indigo Plateau Elite Four . After getting Ticket from Professor Elm, go to Olivine City Port and take the ship to Vermillion City . Go to the Gym in Vermillion City (yo ( Full Answer )
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HOw to get to Lt Surge?

First go to the S.S. Anne and battle all the trainers. Second before you enter the captains room you will have to battle your rival make sure you have potions and other heal ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to Lt surge in FireRed Pokemon?

To get to his gym you need the HM Cut and the 2nd badge to actually get to the gym leader in the gym you need to check the trash cans to find an electronic lock there are 2 of ( Full Answer )
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What is LTS literacy training service?

Literacy Training Service (LTS) is a training course where youlearn to teach literacy and numerical skills to children. It ispart of the University of Philippines.
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What is LT system?

LT is Low Tension - it means Low voltage. generally up to 440 Voltssystem is known as low voltage system
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What are the words consonant ending lt?

Some words that end with the consonants LT are: . belt . bolt . colt . dealt . fault . felt . gilt . halt . jolt . kilt . lilt . malt . melt . pelt . quilt . s ( Full Answer )
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What happens to lt luke in the tribe?

He gets taken away by the Techno's. I was so sad about this. Ellie didn't deserve him! He was so cute but he died a horrific death and forced to watch Alice all day.
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Where do you get lt surges number?

Find him at the power plant, show him a Pikachu and then he'll give you his phone number.
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What do you do after lt surge?

Head back to Cerulean City and go east then use Cut and follow the path all the way to Rock Tunnel pass through the tunnel to reach Lavendar Town then go west and go in the un ( Full Answer )
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When did Lt Gail Halvorsen die?

Lt Gail Halvorsen is very much alive and is still actively giving of his experiences, teaching, encouraging and entertaining children. At 91 years of age, he flew over Roswell ( Full Answer )
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Which is the button LT on PS3?

A button named LT(Left Trigger) does not actually exist on a PS3 controller. The closest thing to LT is L2. It is the second button down on the left back side of the controlle ( Full Answer )
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What does LT mean on a Chevy blazer?

it just means the trim-level. that it is leather seated and heated seats. LT is better than LS.
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What is the difference in LV and LT cables?

High tension ( HT ) and low tension ( LT ) are archaic terms for high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV), respectively.
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How do you get into lt surge gym?

You will need to use the move Cut on the tree nearby the gym then you can go inside.
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Where is Lt gen Paul WynnyK?

General Paul Wynnyk is a Major General in the Canadian Defense Forces, not a Lieutenant General. He is currently the Deputy Commander of the Canadian Army, having held that po ( Full Answer )
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Is Lt amethyst a kind of pearl?

Light amethyst is a color. A pearl can be that color, but it is not a specific kind of pearl.
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What is the meaning of one lt?

One lt is news website. It reports sports, news, and many other interesting matters. The main language of the website is not English, but Lithuanian.