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What is lua?

\nLua is a powerful, fast, light-weight, embeddable scripting language.\n. \nLua combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associat (MORE)
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How do you use Lua?

Lua is an open-source markup language used by Roblox and other companies. The classic 'Hello World!' Program is written like this. print("Hello World!") It is summed u (MORE)
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How does Lua work?

go to the LUA offical internet site
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How do you use lua script in roblox?

Open up a brand new script in build/studio mode. Copy/Paste your script or type one in. The best place to learn to script Lua with Roblox is at (MORE)
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What is a good place to learn lua?

There is this cool game called ROBLOX. It lets you script in LUA. Millions of players and instances. It's ridiculous (In a good way).
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Where is the best site to learn Lua?

What site to learn LUA on is Dependant of what you are scripting on. If you are on a game, then go to that game's wiki to learn LUA. Try searching Google for LUA lessons depen (MORE)
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How can you set up a hawaiiian lua?

First, when you are hosting a party like a luau you need to see if you have a certain budget depending on the amount of guests attending. Once you have a budget, select a plac (MORE)
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Who was cyclone lua named after?

he was a brave and hounerable man he came from New Zealand and is still respected even knows he died he is from the lua family and his grandson is Kobi lua he was a policeman
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Who was the Roman Goddess Lua?

The Roman goddess Lua was the god that soldiers sacrificed the weapons they captured after fighting in battle. She might have just been an alternative name for Ops. She was a (MORE)
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When was Bando da Lua born?

Bando da Lua was born in 1929, in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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Who is Marc lua?

Marc Lua is the registered kyuti of PAREF Springdale School forBoys and is the president of its kyuti club