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What is Lucas reagent?

Lucas Reagent: . Lucas reagent is anhydrous zinc chloride and concentrated hydrochloric acid and is used as a reagent to test alcohols.
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Who is Lucas Grabeel?

Answer . Lucas Grabeel i plays as Sharpay Evans brother Ryan Evans in HSM, HSM 2, HSM 3, he is 23 years old born on November 23, 1984.
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Who is Frank Lucas?

Frank Lucas is an American former heroin dealer and organized crime boss who operated in Harlem, New York during the late 1960's and early 1970's. His life was loosely portra ( Full Answer )
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Who is George Lucas?

He is the creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones and he directed two of the six Star Wars movies and produced the rest.
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Who is Eva Lucas?

Answer . she was the wife of frank lucas, the 'black drug lord' of the 1970's. He had a drug business, and was close to being the first black billionairre. They call him th ( Full Answer )
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How do you make lucas?

If you're talking about that cheapo Mexican candy, just mix in about the same amount of salt, chili powder, and citric acid. It's pretty simple, I make it at home all the time ( Full Answer )
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Is there such thing as lucas?

yes and he is so stupid and weird. and he is at quidnessett elementary. and my best friends are Emma and destini
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Luca Rego is a?

An early scientific method which emphasized experimentation was first used by the Iraqi Muslim Arab physicist and polymath Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen), circa 1021 ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lucas Cruikshank?

Lucas Cruikshank (born August 29, 1993) is a young actor who's famous for his videos about Fred Figglehorn on Youtube. He basically started his whole Youtube career with the v ( Full Answer )
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Who did lucas choose?

I don't know if this is the answer you are looking for, but in one tree hill lucas chooses Peyton.
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Who is Jack Lucas?

He lied to join the Marines at age 14. One day he went to the battle of Iwo Jima during February 1945. On the second day he was near a trench of Japanese soldiers. A minute la ( Full Answer )
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What is a luca guermundi?

luca is a fat headed moon man from the planet fat head HE IS A SPED . no luca. Free Tibet.
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What is Lucas number?

The lucas numbers are a sequence of numbers. They go as 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18 etc the sequence is bery similar to the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13)
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Who is Lucas Till?

Lucas Till is an American actor. Till began acting in the early 2000s, and has since appered in a number of films and television parts. Till is best known for his roles in Ho ( Full Answer )
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Who is lucas from warbears?

He is a bear from Warbears.He specilizes in grenades and smoke bombs.In the 1st mission he used a grenade,a smoke bomb, and a ice bomb[an explosive that freezes stuff].In the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lucas Tills?

He plays in a lot of movie for example hannamontena and the music video for you blong with me by Taylor swift.
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What is lucas cruikshank?

lucas cruikshank is a person on youtube making videos about his name being Fred and all kinds of funny episodes on youtube from Fred goes swimming!
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Who is Lucas Eliot?

Lucas Eliot revolutionised the popular online site 'Facebook' and is also the largest contributor of information to Google and Wikipaedia, all of which is true.
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What is lucas crainkshane?

Lucas Crainkshane is FRED from Youtube. The character Fred is a 6 year old boy with fast talking high pitched voice.
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Who does lucas like?

i read that lucas likes every girl he meats but not to sure if he loves dawn ( i wish he did ) . but I'm a barry and dawn suppurter though u may have a diffrent answer.
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Who is lucas in pearl?

He is one of the two characters that are able to be picked as you play the game, Pokemon DS: Pearl, or, Pokemon DS: Diamond. These two are literally the same thing, except the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Luca Patuelli?

Luca "Lazylegz" Patuelli was born in Montreal, Canada. He was born with arthrogryposis,which is a disorder that affects his bone structure and muscular growth from the waist d ( Full Answer )
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Who is lucas venneri?

lucas venneri is the golden hammers drummer and king of the world his best friends are spenny Evan and joe
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What did George Lucas do for you?

He created Star Wars, which I love so much that I'm not just a StarWars geek. My family and friends call me a "Star Wars junkie." I prefer the "Indiana Jones" series and would ( Full Answer )
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Is Lucas your friend?

Well personally, no I do not have a friend named Lucas. is not a single person, but a collection of many many people who answer questions sent inby people su ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lucas Keller?

Lucas Keller (born June 21, 1984) is an American music manager and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, CA.
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What was the lucas critique?

his critique was that it is does not make sense trying to predict the effects of a change in economic policy based on relationships observed in historical data, as people lear ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lucas Stone?

Lucas Stone is the name of a Black pornographic actor who was formerly performing under the name of Brutus. He started his career in the adult industry in 2009 and is already ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lucas Brenton?

Lucas Brenton is an Australian pop/dance musician and internetpersonality. His debut single, "Party Trick" was released on October, 21st 2010and climbed the charts to #94 on ( Full Answer )
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What did lucas do in eastenders?

He was a church pastor and he killed trina(his son's mother),and own his second wifes ex-husband and he locked his second wife in a cellar for weeks. He then went to priso ( Full Answer )
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What is Lucas in Chinese?

盧卡斯 you sai it :Lú kǎ sī You pronounce it Lucas except with a Chinese accent because it is proper. For example: McDonalds is said McDonalds ( Full Answer )
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Who is Lucas Inglis?

Lucas Inglis (1456-1562) is a Chestern revolutionary and politician, having held the position of Military leader of Chester from 1494 to 1538, and then President from 1538 to ( Full Answer )
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Who is Luca Lim?

\n Luca Lim is a Short Track Speed Skater who at the age of 11 broke all Pony Men Age Group records. He skated with DS Speedskating then Dominion Speedskating. At age 11 he wa ( Full Answer )
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What is a Lucas plow?

Well the wild and ferocious Lucas Plough is a new species. He willdo anything to get food. Though he is a scavenger, he willsometimes hunt for food, also known as trick-or-tre ( Full Answer )