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What are the marines?

A branch of the U.S. armed forces composed chiefly of amphibious troops under the authority of the Secretary of the Navy.
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What is a mariner?

A person who directs or assists in the navigation of a ship; sailor. or One of a series of U.S. space probes the obtained scientific information while flying by or orbiting ar ( Full Answer )
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How to get out of the marines?

drugs.. racism.. doing really bad things.. severly injured. etc.. out of the 4 the first 3 you will leave dishonorably.. and only scum leaves that way.
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What are marine mammals?

Marine mammals are mammals that live in the marine water. It is not a biological group but an ecological group,It is based on marine habitat . The two properties of a mari ( Full Answer )
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What is a marine brigade?

A marine brigade is a formation of sailors and marines. A brigadeconsists of 14,500 sailors and marines around an infantry.
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What are Marine amphibians?

A marine amphibian is a creature that lives in brackish water.Marine amphibians can be newts and salamanders amongst many others.
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What is the mariner?

The mariner is a space probe that was sent to space to expolre mostly Venus but also explored other planets.
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What is Mariner 5?

Was a spacecraft of the Mariner program that carried a complement of experiments to probe Venus' atmosphere by radio occulation.
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What is Marine Navigation?

Marine navigation is transportation on the water. The ability to navigate in water includes being able to avoid running aground and hitting other vessels. It is the primary ( Full Answer )
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Who owns the mariners?

Nintendo owns 10% of the Mariners while the other 90 percent isowned by First Avenue Entertainment.
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What marines are?

The United States Marine Corps ( USMC ) is a branch of the United States armed forces responsible for providing force projection from the sea, using the mobility of the U.S. ( Full Answer )
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How do you get in the marines?

By passing boot camp. Good luck dude. . start by talking with a recruiter then pass the IST and go to boot cam and if you graduate after the 12 weeks you can then become a Ma ( Full Answer )
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What can the marines do?

what CAN'T we do?! we've got pilots, infantry, people on ships, etc. you name it we've probably got it. We're the first ones into a combat zone and we're always the last out. ( Full Answer )
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What did marines do?

a better question would be what don't the marines do. but anyways they do everything (land air and sea) and they are the first to fight and the last to leave they are by far t ( Full Answer )
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Who is a marine?

A Marine is one who is now, or has ever been a United State Marine.
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How many Marines are in the US Marines?

About 200,000 US Marines. They have the French Foreign Legion outnumbered 25 to one. Prior to the global war on terror the US Marines had an active duty strength of approximat ( Full Answer )
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Why is the marines called the marines?

The Marines are called marines because they are the water warriors and marine means of the water.
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What makes a marine animal marine?

A marine animal is a "marine" animal because it spends most of it's life in a marine environment (ex. the ocean). These could be marine animals like conchs, seastars, fish, or ( Full Answer )
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How tall are the marines?

They are all different sizes you they can be short or tall it doesn't matter what size they are.
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What are the types of Marines?

They are all Riflemen. Some are also Pilots, Air crewmen and aviation technicians. Some are grunts and some ar canon cockers. Some drive tanks and some are Snipers. So ( Full Answer )
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What is Marine Land?

Marine Land Is Actually a Fun Marine Amimal (Water Animal) Based Theme Park In Niagara Falls Ont.
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What is the Marines about?

The Marines in my opinion are a liberation force to help other places such as Iraq to become free. The United States Marine Corp is one of the most respected military branches ( Full Answer )
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What is a marine omnivore?

That's an animal that lives in the water (marine) and eats plants as well as animals.
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Are Marines jerks?

"No, they aren't! If you think they are, you're crazy! 'Cause they're cool and they defend us well!" The above was posted by another user. To answer your question: The idea ( Full Answer )
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Where was the marines founded?

The United States Marine Corps was founded at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia on November 10, 1775.
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What do marine reserves do?

The Marine Corps Reserves do the EXACT same thing as active duty Marines except they are reserves. Instead of going to work EVERYDAY, they go to work once a month. They are ex ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to be a marine?

The first step is to go see a recruiter and talk to them and they will help you with all the steps.
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Why are Marines drunks?

Not all of us are. There are even a few that rarely beat their spouse.
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Do marines get killed?

Yes, Marines can get killed. The service is a hazardous profession and death is always a risk. The single biggest casualty cause in the military is currently traffic acciden ( Full Answer )
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Who are the rivals of the mariners?

They do not have a big rival like Yankees/Red Sox or Dodgers/Giants. However, their biggest rival is probably the Los Angeles Angels. The Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics a ( Full Answer )
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How many marines in a marine unit?

That can depends on what size of a unit you are talking about. A squad usually runs about 10 people. A platoon will have 3 to 5 squads. A company has two platoons. And a b ( Full Answer )
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Are the marines for you?

The Marines are for you if you like being worked hard, being yelled at, getting strong, being the first out, and dealing with a bunch of confident strong willed people that do ( Full Answer )
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Is marine day in japan for the marines?

No, afraid not. The day you are referring to was known as Marine Memorial Day until 1996. Communications Minister Shozo Murata designated the holiday in 1942 to commemorate ( Full Answer )