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How many mEq in a mmolL?

it depends on what you are measuring. Meq is a measure of charge. If you are measuring H + which has one positive charge, 1 mmol = 1 meq for Ca 2+ , 1 mmol = 2 meq s ( Full Answer )
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What is the value of 73.6 mg per liter of Sodium expressed in meq per liter?

Answer . I would say, although I have no direct experience here... That meq would mean or the intent is: mg equivalent or milligram equivalent per Liter. which, of course, ( Full Answer )
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70 mEq is equal to how many milligrams Potassium?

from what I have read, don't know if it is correct info; a M E G is milliequivalent, and difficult to measure in mg . I read that the atomic mass of potassium is 39 ,no matter ( Full Answer )
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What does 10 meq mean on my prescription?

MEG on a script means milliequivalent & doesn't really tellyou the measurement, it must be for potassium; it's very thoughtprovoking I too have been trying to figure this out. ( Full Answer )
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How do you convert 157 mg of sodium to mEq?

To convert sodium (Na) in mg to mEq you divide the value by the molecular weight of sodium (23 mg/mM). In this case for example 157 mg of sodium equals 7 mEq. Usual low sodium ( Full Answer )
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How many milligrams is 20 meq of potassium chloride?

i believe 10 meqs of potassium is equal to 390 mg's of potassium, therefore, one meq, is equal to 39 mg's potassium . Not sure where you get your answer but according to drug ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between a mmol and a mEq?

Milli equivalents and milli moles are units used to describe molecular or ionic grades of concentration. A milli equivalent or mEq is derived by dividing the concentration in ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between mg and meq?

The term mg is the common abbreviation of millegram (1,000th of a gram).. The term or abbreviation meq (often expressed as mEq) is used in chemistry, biology and atomic measu ( Full Answer )
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Does 10 Meq equal 750 mg?

Klor-Con® M10 is an immediately dispersing extended-release oral dosage form of potassium chloride containing 750 mg of microencapsulated potassium chloride, USP equivalent ( Full Answer )
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What is meq in chemistry?

In chemistry, meq stands for milliequivalents. This term refers tothe small amount of a solute per liter of solvent. Themilliequivalent represents one-thousandth of an equival ( Full Answer )
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How many meq of sodium chloride in one tablespoon of salt?

Hold on here, I need to do some heavy calculation ... okay, done. One tablespoon of table salt contains 1.0 tablespoons of sodium chloride. Since the atomic weight of sodiu ( Full Answer )
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1 mEq calcium equals how many mg calcium?

calcium levels equals 9-11 mg/dL or 4.5-5.5mEq/L 9 divided by 4.5 equals 2. so 1 mEq of calcium equals 2 mg of calcium. 4.5x2= 9 5.5x2= 11
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What is an meq?

The equivalent (symbol: eq or Eq ), sometimes termed the molar equivalent, is a unit of amount of substance used in chemistry and the biological sciences. The equivalen ( Full Answer )
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How many milligrams is 20 mEq?

20mg=20mEq _________________ This dangerously wrong. Check 20 MEQ is about 1500 mg. _________________ Numerical answers to this question are all ( Full Answer )
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Potassium 595mg equals how many potassium meq?

how many meq's is 595 mg of potassium gluconate in pill form? _____________ You seem to be asking how translate a dose of potassium chloride, which is often expressed as ( Full Answer )
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Convert sodium chloride mg to meq?

The formula for this conversion is mEq = mg/atomic weight *valence. The atomic weight of sodium chloride is 23mg/mM.
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What is 60 meq per day of potassium citrate?

According to the information on the drug itself, 10mEq of potassiumcitrate = 1080mg, therefore 60 mEq would be 6 times this, or 6480mg. that's a lot of potassium!
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Is 99 mg potass gluconate equal x meq?

EDIT 9/2/2012: Acutally the question is mistaken. There is actually 595mg of potassium gluconate per tablet of which 99mg of that is potassium (the other 496mg is gluconate) ( Full Answer )
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How do you convert mEq kg-1 to mg 100g-1?

To convert Kg to grams, divide by 10. This will give the grams asneeded. To convert grams to Kg, the number should be multiplied byten.
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20 meq is equal to how many mg of potassium?

Potassium has a gram atomic mass of 39.1, to three significant digits (one more significant digit than "20 meq" has). Therefore, one meq = 39.1 mg, and 20 meq = 20(39.1) = 7.8 ( Full Answer )
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How can you convert Meq to Mg?

fo potassium 60 mEq K = 60 millimoles 39.1 grams per mole ( 0.060moles) = 2.346 grams =2346 mg.
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How many mg is 10 meq?

meq means milliequivalent which can be achieved by dividing the valence electrons by the atomic wt. i.e. a.t. / valence. Milliequivalent is equal to mg. 10 meq = 10 mg
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What does 20 meq mean?

mEq. or milliequivalents is one thousandth of a chemical equivalent. It is calculated by multiplying the milligrams per liter by the valence of the chemical and dividing by th ( Full Answer )
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99mg potassium equals how many meq?

The answer is 2.53 mEq. Here is my work: 99mg Potassium x (1mmol/39.0983mg potassium) x (1mEq/1mmol) = 2.53 mEq * The 39.0983 comes from the atomic mass of Potassium whic ( Full Answer )
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Are cc and mEq synonyms?

no they are not the same thing. mEq is a milliequivlant. cc and ml are the same thing.