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Ithaca skb model 200 mgf date?

The Ithaca Gun Company manufactured shotguns between the years 1969and 1978. The Model 200 was almost certainly manufactured atthat?ætime.
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What is MGF stand for?

The acronym MGF can mean a few different things. In bodybuilding,it may refer to the mechano growth factor. It may also refer to themoment-generating function or a car designe ( Full Answer )
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Toilet water supply line water stop mgf Brass Craft had a plastic cap where a handle to turn water off with is normally seen I do no understand how to turn the water off?

I did some research regarding your question and the type of shut off valve you presumably have installed is called a ball o stop. these types of shut off valves are turned off ( Full Answer )
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What does MGF mean in computer talk?

In my time with working with computers, I have never heard of MGF before. MGF is a car and something to do with finance but thats about it.
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What companies or organizations might MGF refer to?

MGF refers to Mobile Giving Foundations and would be used by non-profit organizations to allow fundraising and donor interaction via mobile phones. This company operates in b ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find a used Rover MGF for sale?

One can find a used Rover MGF for sale through several different online websites. Some of these include: Car Pages, Auto Trader, Motors UK, and Piston Head.