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What is mining?

We use the general term mining to describe the activity ofrecovering materials from the earth. It is from these raw materialswe take minerals we need or the raw material from ( Full Answer )
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How do you mine?

The basic princible of mining is to go to where the deposit of the wanted material is found, dig the material from the deposit with suitable tools and then refine the raw mine ( Full Answer )
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What is mined?

There are so many things that are mined. Some of the commonminerals include iron ore, coal, gold, lead, silver, copper,limestone and so much more.
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Where is potash mined?

Potash (potassium carbonate) is both mined and made. Potash (potassium carbonate) and soda (sodium carbonate) have been used from the dawn of history in bleaching textiles, ( Full Answer )
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How is gypsum mined?

After a source of gypsum is found, regular mining equipment will beused to extract it from the ground. As with mining other minerals,mining gypsum can lead to environmental ha ( Full Answer )
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Where is glass mined?

Glass isn't mined; it's not a mineral like coal or diamonds. It's created by heating sand to super-hot temperatures then blown into various shapes.. ------------------------- ( Full Answer )
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What do Canadian Mining Companies Mine?

Everything from Gold, Silver, Copper, Coal, to Diamonds, Cobalt, Copper, Uranium. has mining directory.
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How do you get out of a mine?

Use the ladders or if your playing a game online, teleport your way out. Otherwise, in real life, you can call for help on a cellphone/ use a pickaxe and mine your way out.
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What is a mine?

We see the application of the term mine (as in land mine) to a high explosive weapon that can be set on or beneath the ground, and which is triggered by someone stepping on it ( Full Answer )
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How is mining mining different today?

Technology has changed this in our time. Machines now do the job for us. Computers and radar and sonar have made finding minerals easy today. However, there are still a need f ( Full Answer )
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Why did they call mining mining?

The word mine, a verb meaning to excavate for ore, arrived in the English language from Old French early in the 14th century. It is believed to have most likely originated fro ( Full Answer )
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How do you mine fossils in Oreburgh mine?

you can not mine in oreburgh mine but when you get to eterna city you can get the explorer kit and mine then. but still you need ALOT of patience because sometimes itfeels lik ( Full Answer )
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Is he mine?

talk to him and find out!!! and if he doesn't SO WHAT!!! there are plenty more fish in the sea!!! the chances are he will like you!!
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What can you mine?

You can mine gold, coal and iron ore there might be more things that you can mine but these are the ones that i know of
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Who do you mine for?

We mine for coal which produces electricity . Without coal we wouldn't be able to flip the light switch on an have lights.
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Why is gold mined where it is currently mined?

A number of metals, including Gold, are formed deep within the Earth. They only get anywhere near the surface were we can find them during a volcanic eruption. The first Gol ( Full Answer )
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What do you get from mines?

Generally speaking, minerals. Obviously, it depends on the type of mine, but you can mine for coal, gold, diamonds and even uranium, among many others.
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What does a mine worker do?

carry sacks of coal which is called a coal bearer, push coal trucks along coal mines which is a plutter and trap passing wagons which are trappers.
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What is Sapphire mining?

Saphire Mining is the removal of the precious jewel Saphire from the ground through the proccess of digging it up.
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Is aluminum mined?

bauxite is mined. it is then melted and aluminum is extracted by high temperature electrolysis of the molten bauxite.
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How do you get past the mine?

I think this is Nabooti. You must remember to jump and duck. Timing is everything! Keep practising, and even if you fall off, it lets you try again. Hope this helps!
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How oil is mined?

Oil is muned by drilling a hole in the ground and finding oil. However you can't just drill anywhere. There are specific mining locations and/or areas of large oil flow tha ( Full Answer )
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Why is oil mined?

Basically, humans mine oil and other fossil fuels because, as the name might suggest, fossil fuels are still the main fuel provider for making electricity for households and b ( Full Answer )
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Is there mining in Poland?

Yes. One of Poland's most famous tourist attractions is the Salt Mines, near Krakow in Poland.
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How is gravel mined?

Gravel is usually mined by excavation from deposits left in banks associated with stream beds. It is usually sized and washed across vibrating screens or rotary drums to remov ( Full Answer )
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Where do they mine silver?

The best place to mine silver ore is Al kharid mine as this requires no quests.
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What to do in the mines in Poptropica?

In the mines on Nabooti island: Enter the mine area and set the timer that turns off the electric fence, then run to your left til you're at the top of the dirt mountain, j ( Full Answer )
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How do you get in the mine on diamond mines in poptropica?

first yo have to put on the hard hat if you have it, then go to the very end and you will find a box that controls the electric fence, click it and then run to the mountain an ( Full Answer )
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What do you get from mining?

Everything that was not grown comes from mining. Coal, uranium, and oil for the powerplant that is powering your computer at this moment. About 32 different elements in your c ( Full Answer )
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What is mining and methods of mining and its impact?

A natural hazard is a threat of a occurring event that will have a negative effect on people or the environment. Many natural hazards are ( Full Answer )
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How do you mine with a mining pick on minecraft?

Just break a stone block with your pickaxe like if you were punching trees. NOTE: Some materials will not drop their resources if not mined without the right tool! Stone and ( Full Answer )