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What is a mips sensor?

A MIPS sensor in a vehicle can be two things. The first is a miniinterferometric phase sensor or a molecularly imprinted polymer.
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What do you do if you get an MIP?

If you get an MIP you should take the appropriate actions that weregiven to you. You should get rehabilitation and pay any fines youowe.
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What is an MIP adapter?

Male Iron Pipe Adapter. This means it has male pipe threads and will adapt to either PVC pipe, Poly pipe or a few other types of pipe to make a transition from threaded pipe t ( Full Answer )
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How can you get arrested for an MIP?

You can get arrested for Minor in Possession of alcohol two ways.The police can find you guilty of MIP if you have alcohol in yourpossession or possession by intoxication.
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What are the punishments for a mip?

You will stunt the development of brain cells early, possibly form other bad habits and maybe even mess up your shot at a successful life.
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What is store word in MIPS instruction?

store word = sw in MIPS We use it in the following format sw regs, addr It stores the word in register regs to address addr.
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What are mips?

In computer terminology, MIPS stands for "Millions of Instructions Per Second" and is a gauge of the processing power of the computer system.
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MIPS stands for what?

"millions of instructions per second", when referring to it as a benchmark. the processor architecture, however, doesn't really stand for anything. some computing enthusiasts ( Full Answer )
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What are some common acronyms for MIPS?

MIPS is an acronym that means a million instructions per second. This is a computing term that is used to describe various different computer processes.
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How many mip tickets are given out?

Hard to say exactly how many MIP's are given out, but around each weekend anywhere from 50-200 MIP's can be received.