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How hard is it to get into mit?

Very hard. Only about 1or 2% of all people make it in . It's only for the smartest people in the world I want to go there and I stand a very good chance I'm only 9 and my I.Q. ( Full Answer )
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How do you get admission in MIT?

Assuming one isn't inflicted with any special conditions and probably will not add any degree of fantastic diversity to the school, one basically has to try extremely hard to ( Full Answer )
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What are the requirements to get into MIT?

You need 4 years of algerabra, 4.67 in each class 3 years of theretical science a 4.25 GPA in those classes
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What GPA do you need to get into MIT?

Since MIT is a very selective school a 4.0 is best, but it's not required. You probably won't get in with any thing less than a 3.8 though.
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What does MIT stand for?

MIT stands for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is a very prestigious school located in Cambridge, Massechusetts.
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How do you get into mit?

getting into MIT is an extreamly hard process. you must be int he top 5% of your class, score a 35-36 on the act and subject tests. and then the sucsess rate is about 75%. my ( Full Answer )
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What is the average size of an MIT class?

Roughly 1000 each year. New undergraduate housing will be completed soon, increasing class size to roughly 1100.
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How much does mit cost?

For me (living very very conservatively) the year total was 45k. Normal expenses are about 55-65k per year. 35K-40k for pure tuition 1k-5k for books (really depends) ( Full Answer )
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What is the tuition of MIT?

Nine months of college tuition at MIT in 2014 is 43,210. This pricedoes not include the price of room and board and books.
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How do you get admission into MIT?

MIT is very interested in diversity and humanity and accepts students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Minimum requirements for admission are a small step towar ( Full Answer )
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How can you get into MIT?

Being recently accepted by MIT, I can tell you a few things. 1. Apply to MIT (duh). MIT does not use the Common Application, so you have to apply on their website. 2. Note t ( Full Answer )
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What SAT score is required to get into MIT?

There is no minimum score. They use a holistic process and evaluate your entire application. however, the 25-75 percentiles for each section are as follows: Reading: 680-770 ( Full Answer )
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How can you get a scholarship in MIT?

Good grades. volunteer work- keep track. high SAT scores. getting accepted- they help u pay
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Are mits a human?

Mites are human because they live just like us and feed too. What else would they beconsiderd!
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MIT or CalTech?

Oh, that's a tough choice! Both are top ranked, extremely well respected in their fields. I really think you can't go wrong with either one. That said, MIT has a bit more pres ( Full Answer )
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Do baseball mits be used for softball?

In real fastpitch softball, No, they can't. There are certain gloves fit specifically for women's hands.
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What is MITS altaire?

The MITS Altair 8800 was a microcomputer design from 1975, based on the Intel 8080 CPU and sold as a mail-order kit. Today the Altair is widely recognized as the spark that le ( Full Answer )
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How did mit get its mascot?

I certainly do not know the history of the MIT mascot, the beaver. But it is a most appropriate mascot for a great engineering school, because after man, the beaver, by buildi ( Full Answer )
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What to do to get to MIT?

Having been twice accepted by MIT, first for a PhD in Physics, and then for an MBA at the Sloan School, I have some opinions on this matter. First, being at the top of your cl ( Full Answer )
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What is Gott mit ums?

Gott mit uns translates as God with us. Its roots are biblical and can be traced back to the Hebrew term Immanuel, meaning God with us. The phrase has been vario ( Full Answer )
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What is MIT World?

gives free videos from MIT. Some people complain though that the videos are too long (2 hours lecture), and never GET TO THE POINT! this is why SPecial Agent Shum is great f ( Full Answer )
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Are people who graduate from MIT scientists?

No. Just because one graduates from MIT does not make one a scientist. E.g. If someone graduates from MIT Sloan School of Business, that person is not a scientist. As for unde ( Full Answer )
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Is osama laden a student of MIT?

ya i think so that he was a student of MIT. I think he did either nuclear physics or chemcal engineering
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What do catchers ware under there MIT?

some catchers wear batting gloves underneath their gloves, while others don't wear anything. i personally like to go glove-less underneath my glove
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Where do you get the mole mits?

if you speak of the Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap, you get them in the wind ruins which is directly after you acquire the pegasus boots
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What does preparation for MIT involve?

Preparation for MIT involves some additional research into the therapy and discussions with a neurologist and a speech pathologist. It is important to have an understanding of ( Full Answer )
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Where mit university located?

if you are looking for massachusetts institute of technology(MIT) , it is located in united states whereas madras institute of technology(MIT) is situated in chennai,tamil nad ( Full Answer )
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Did mit Romney serve in the military?

No. Mitt Romney recieved a draft card after serving as a missionary in France, but his number was never called up.
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Why are Harvard and MIT in Massachusetts?

They were some of the earliest colleges. MIT for one is the Massachusetts institute of technology so that one kinda makes sense. Harvard may have something more to do with bei ( Full Answer )
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Is MIT same as Harvard University?

No, they are not. MIT is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is completely separate from Harvard. They are both situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, however. MI ( Full Answer )
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Is mit Romney a Mormon?

Yes. Mitt Romney has been a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) his entire life. He served two years as a volunteer missio ( Full Answer )
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Who was the first woman accepted into MIT?

The first woman admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was Ellen H. Swallow, better known by her married name, Ellen Swallow Richards. Ellen Swallow Richards ( Full Answer )
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What is Mit Romneys religion?

Mormon, if you don't know about that religion read a non-fiction novel titled Under The Banner of Heaven by author Jon Krakauer.