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Why do cows moo?

Cows need some form of verbal communication if and when body language is not enough to get their point across, or if they have to communicate over a long distance. Their sense ( Full Answer )
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Does a cow 'moo'?

Cows not only moo but they also grunt, bellow, and make a short deep sound that usually is used to get attention of their calves. Cows do sometimes let out loud sharp bellows, ( Full Answer )
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What is a moo moo?

Since I turned four, they have been referred to as "moo cows", but there is a Hawaiian dress called a Muumuu which is pronounced "moo moo". There is also a delicious burrit ( Full Answer )
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What is a moo?

A moo is the sound normally made by a cow, but other animals can make it too.
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What is moo moo monkey?

moo moo monkey that eats cows and makes mooing noises and farts out moos on your mommys moo moo t-shirt with her moo moo blankey IN THE ....... I KNOW MY ABC's SO MOO ON YOU
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Why does a cow moo?

Cows use various sounds to communicate their conditions or instinctive responses, to other cows and other animals.. For example, mooing can alert other cows to distress or da ( Full Answer )
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Do you say moo?

Sometimes, when I feel like impersonating animals, I will go outside, eat some grass, and then say moo, so yes, I do say moo on occasion. I'm very good at it. I'm also good ( Full Answer )
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How does a cow moo?

Cows moo just like we talk, only their mouths cannot form a language like we humans have. Cows have the ability to make sound much like a dog barks or a cat meows: with air fo ( Full Answer )
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Do llamas moo?

No. Llamas actually make a sound that is closer to a "merrrr" or "errrrr!" than a "moooo."
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What rhymes with moo?

coo, blue, boo, sue, Jew, ewe, zoo, goo, two, due, rue, flu, new, who, true, you, poo doggy doo, chew, crew, i pity da foo, 2, flew, dr.drew, papa nugoo....
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Moo Moo Cha Cha?

A D.N.A. molecule is consist of two right handed long polynucleotide chain in the form of double helix which are consist of nucleotide they are dexoyribonucleotide and each nu ( Full Answer )
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Who goes Moo?

Cows go moo. The "Moo" comes from a peculiar vibration inside the cows voice box. The vibrations erupt from the scrotum and shiver through the penis causing an explosive squir ( Full Answer )
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What is 'ancients of moo moo'?

The Ancients of Mu Mu was an album by the KLF, an English dance/pop collective from the late 80s/early 90s.
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What is moo juice?

Moo juice is a synonym of the word milk. Just like a vehicle would be a synonym of car.
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What does moo stand for?

Moo is the sound made by a cow, it isn't an acronym it is an onomatopoeia - a word that sounds like it's meaning. Buzz is a similar word. MOO is an acronym for MUD Object Ori ( Full Answer )
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Requirements of tectonic in moo moo?

In order to make the tectonic in moo moo work,You need to disassemble in the circle of power and seperate them into 3 different catagories: orbs,tonic,mattock
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Do cows moo?

No, cows dont moo. They need to communicate and the sound we hear is the only noise they can make. Moo is not the noise they make, but is the best human equivalent.
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Why do alpacas moo?

because they do. I'm sorry it's true. And it's nothing new. Nothing out of the blue. Always will alpacas moo.
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What is the plural of moo?

it doesn't have a plural because it is not a noun if it were a noun its plural would be moos
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How do you get moo moo t-shirt on moo moo generation x?

On wave 15 of the game you need to purchase four orbs (any color, any level), use them on any four opponents in any order while standing on brown bricks. When you complete th ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Moo Moo axe on moo moo generation x?

If you want get Moo Moo axe on moo moo generation x you must have a halberd axe, buy a glory axe, then at 5th wave sell glory axe and you have a sadistic axe.
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How do you make a thunderfury in moo moo?

Very risky but try with halberd axe and all the orbs then sell halberd axe at round 15 (must have all the orbs in your inventory
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What does moo moo bad mean?

In spanish moy moy bad wich is bilingule becuase it has spanish and englesh.any way it meas really really bad. My name is Ricado A. Melara and hope thise helped
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Why do moo cows that moo moo?

Because they can. It's just like asking why kitty cats meow, puppy dogs bark, humans talk, etc.
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Does bison moo?

The American Bison does not moo. The gaur, or Indian Bison does in a lower pitch.
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Is mitchey moo moo gay?

If you count cows as being gay then yes but if hes fat he is also gay now to you tyler FEMI GO MAKE ME SANDWHICH
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How do you make moo moo battle gears in moo moo GX?

To make Moo Moo Battle Gears in the game Moo Moo GX, first Player Blue must have 10,000 gold, the Imperial Axe and the Mithril Shirt. Player Blue must then place the Imperial ( Full Answer )
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How do you make trinity in moo moo?

mithril rod lvl 5 orb of frost orb of fire sadistic axe energy bulb sell energy bulb
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Who is Petra Moos?

Petra Moos is an actress best known for Millionaire Matchmaker andDante's Inferno: Abandon All Hope. She is 5' 7".
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What is a moos?

A moose is a large deer with palmate antlers, a sloping back, and agrowth of skin hanging from the neck. It is native to northernEurasia and northern North America.
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What is a moo in a moo on a moo?

a moo in a moo on a moo is cheese upside down under friedchicken fries