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What is a Pake Mu?

Type of Hawaiin dress? Found a link Click Below "Pake Mu"
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What is Mu 1?

Mu-1 (μ-1) is a relation between flight speed (mph) and rotor speed (rpm) where the μ-value is equal to 1. A slower rotor speed means better fuel efficiency.. According (MORE)
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What is a mu?

Mu is the twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet and looks like alowercase u with an extra bit dangling from the front. It istraditionally used in the metric system to denote .0 (MORE)
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What is mu?

\nmu is the mobility(electrons or holes ) of the current carriers in the semiconductors. mu-e being electron mobility and mu-a being the hole mobility.
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What is phi mu?

Phi Mu is the second oldest greek organization for women founded in 1852 at Weselyan College in Macon Georgia. Phi Mu is known as a "fraternity" because the word "sorority" wa (MORE)
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What is a mu mu?

The name comes from the Robert Shea and Robert Wilton books, "The Illuminatus! Trilogy". Mummu (JAMs) were the underground and underwater anarchist group led by Hagbard Celine (MORE)
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How do you get to mu?

i realized how to get to mu is simple just do what the ghost say if you start on the right go down and if you start down go to the right and if you start on the left go up if (MORE)
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How big is a Mu?

A mu (亩)is about the size of six acres. One acre is 4840 square yards.
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When is ume?

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What is 2 um 2 um?

What is 2 um and 2 um? The answer would be 'forum.'
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What are mu receptors?

Mu Receptors are also known as Morphine Receptors. Mu Receptors are located in the Brainstem and Medial Thalamus, they are responsible for supraspinal analgesia, respiratory d (MORE)
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What is an um?

a um is when someone is thinking and maybe sometimes trying to make up a lie
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What does mu mean?

MU stands for Man Up, which is for calculating GROSS PROFIT MARGIN (GPM) used in business environments. There are two methods of calculating this, depending on the model of (MORE)
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What is ah mu?

a person
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What are mu links?

mu or [MU] referes to links that are hosted by
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What is mu torrent?

It's also known as Micro Torrent or Bit Torrent. Pretty much, it's a software that allows you to transmit torrents as well as obtain them.
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What is pdf and mus?

mus. files are used in Finale Notepad and related programs to create sheet music. pdf. files are meant to be viewed without editing.
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Where is mu young?

You can find Mu Lung by talking a short stork ride from Orbis. It lasts about 1 minute. You can also get there from Herb Town.
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What is MU technology?

It is grant winning module by it, that permits you to tune your vocal recordings, apply embellishments and include normal sounding harmonies when blending your track.
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Who wrote the um um um um um song?

you need to give more lyrics than that because there are more than one song that sounds like. Ahhh. Major Lance. I LOVE that song. (gonna play it right now while I'm answer (MORE)
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Who is zhaka mu?

final boss in Zuma's Revenge.
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HEY um what does um mean?

One would say "um" when he or she is blank or trying to figure out what to say. This is just my defenition of it, but I reccomend you looking it up online :)
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What does mu refer to?

The Greek letter μ, which is the symbol for the coefficient of friction, or the prefix micro-
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Who is mu brada?

Mu Brada is a term used to describe a little brother who is an irritation. His day is full of crazy antics such as beatboxing, doing his infamous headshake, listening to rap, (MORE)
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What is mued?

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How do you spell mu?

The spelling "mu" is the name of a Greek letter comparable to M. It is also used as the name of a hypothetical supercontinent Mu , that formed and broke up again as a resu (MORE)