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Who is Queen Mab?

she's from romeo and juliet. midwife of the fairies. she drove her chariot across people's faces at night and made them dream dreams of love.
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According to Mercutio who or what is Queen Mab and what does she or it do?

In Act I, scene iv of "Romeo and Juliet," Romeo is about to tellMercutio about a dream that he had. Mercutio is quick to cut Romeooff and tell him about Queen Mab. According t ( Full Answer )
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What did queen mab look like?

Well she isn't supposed to be pretty she is somewhat haggish, she is really little and fairy like (with out the wings)her body like an "agate-stone" would be somewhat deformed ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of Queen Mab speech?

This is a foreshadowing of what actually happens in the rest of the play. A fateful chain of events ("consequence") does begin its appointed time ("date") that night, and that ( Full Answer )
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Queen mabs first mention?

Queen Mab is first mentioned by Mercutio in act 1 scene 4 from lines 59-100.
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Why is queen mab relevant to Romeo?

queen mab- fairy. Romeo- believed a dream. they both are non-secure answers or something to go by.. Would you believe in a fairy type deal. would you believe a dream where ( Full Answer )
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How big is queen mab?

"No bigger than an agate stone on the forefinger of an alderman." Pretty small, then.
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What is the value of a MAB handgun?

updated answer: MAB was a major French pistol manufacturer from the early 1920s until the early 1980s. During that time it made a number of pistol models, including the model ( Full Answer )
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Is Queen Mab the queen of good dreams?

no queen mab is the evil queen that gave birth to the son that challenges sir authors kingdom and kills him in battle
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Queen mab in Romeo and Juliet?

Queen mab was mention by Mercutio in scene vi, who was mocking about Romeo's believe in dreams.
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When does mercutio mention queen mab?

mercutio mentions queen mab, in Act I, scene 4, which is also the first scene you meet him. This scene is Mercutio, Benvolio and Romeo on their way to the Montague ball, and ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find info on MAB Brevete model A?

Blue Book of Gun Values ==== Reliable information on the MAB model A is scarce, despite MAB producing them from 1921-1964 ( Type I : 1921-1924; Type II : 1925-1964). ( Full Answer )
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What does the Queen Mab speech mean?

Mercutio uses the Queen Mab speech to symbolize the happy-go-lucky "good dream" that quickly turns dark. So, dreams can be happy and frivolous, but dreams can also be dark an ( Full Answer )
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Who is Queen Mab in Romeo and Juliet?

Queen Mab is a fairy. She visits people when they are asleep andmakes them dream. She does not appear as a character but Mercutiotalks about her at some length.
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What does Queen Mab do in her travels?

-Seeking for something -Makes people happy or sad - Let people into a dream, whether good or bad
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What is French mab 6.35yndicateur brevete?

MAB is the Manufacture d'Armes de Bayonne , later renamed Manufacture d'Armes Automatiques de Bayonne , a French semi-automatic pistol manufacturer from 1921-1982. ( Full Answer )
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Who or what is queen mab and what does she do?

From the play Romeo and Juliet -William Shakespeare- Queen Mab is a fairy in a dream dreamt by Romeo's best friend Mecurtio. She visits people when they are sleeping and fufi ( Full Answer )
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What is MAB in mathematics?

It is a multi-based arithmetic blocks. Which in 1 cube you represent i unit. In ten cube you represents ten units. In hundred units it is a flat. And there is also a thousandt ( Full Answer )
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Who is Queen Mab in Romeo and Juilet?

She is the fairy queen. She doesn't have anything to do with the story aside from one speech.
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How can you find out the year a Mab Pistol was made?

Updated answer: You need to know the model and caliber, as well. MAB made pistols from the erly 1920s until the early 1980s, and never used date codes. Most factory records ha ( Full Answer )
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Why does queen mab create Merlin?

From Merlin 1998 ? Well she is a goddess and she is dying so she creates Merlin, sort of a son who will eventually lead the people back to the old ways. "But he doesn't he en ( Full Answer )
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Why does mercutio tell Romeo about queen mab?

Mercutio likes to hear himself talk. Romeo is troubled by a dream, but self-centred Mercutio does not even want to hear about it. Instead, he goes on and on and on about his f ( Full Answer )
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Is Queen Mab the queen of nightmares?

yes, she is. But she's also called the queen of babynapping, where she kidnapps kids and babies in Mercutio's speech in Romeo and Juliet.
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What do you learn about Mercutio from Queen Mab speech?

This speech shows Mercutio's cynical and maveric nature. He does not value love or honour or dreams and through Queen Mab (quean and mab being Elizabethean words for prostitut ( Full Answer )
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What does mercutio's queen mab speech say?

Basically, nothing. As Romeo says, "thou talkst of nothing". But basically the idea is that teeny little queen mab drives her chariot over you when you sleep and where she dri ( Full Answer )
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Who wrote queen mab?

Queen Mab is the Queen of the fairies in a long speech delived by Mercutio in the play Romeo and Juliet. There may also be other works which have the name of this fairy as a t ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get a mab model a 25 cal magazine?

The MAB Model A has been out of production for about 50 years.Check with a gunsmith- magazines for the Eibar type .25 autos (fromSpain) MAY fit- the guns were very similar. I ( Full Answer )
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What does MAB mean in maths?

It is an operation with blocks,flats,longs and units that can be answered by addition,subtraction,multiplication and division.
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What does romeo think of queen mab?

I don't think he'd heard of her before Mercutio started going on, and he wasn't very impressed. He said Mercutio was talking of nothing.
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What is shakespeares point in the queen mab speech?

The Queen Mab speech shows that Mercutio is lively, imaginative,and quick witted. It makes us like Mercutio, so that we feel hisloss more deeply when Tybalt kills him.
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What does the acronym MAB stand for?

The acronym MAB can stand for many things. For example, in the field of biology, it stands for Monoclonal AntiBody. However, to musicians, MAB is the acronym of Michael Angelo ( Full Answer )
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When was MAB model d 53423 manufactured?

in production 1933 to 1963. No detailed public database. There weretwo MAB D versions, usually called the Type I and Type II. The TypeI MAB D was made 1933-1945 and used an ex ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Mab Copland Lineman written?

Mab Copland Lineman has written: 'Business and protective law for women' -- subject(s): Business law, Commercial law
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What has the author Mab Segrest written?

Mab Segrest has written: 'Quarantines and death' -- subject(s): AIDS (Disease), Crimes against, Gays, Homophobia, Homosexuality, Political aspects of AIDS (Disease), Politic ( Full Answer )