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9 years with your guy 6 years he was in prison cheat on you tow times He said you were be a realy bitch still marry How do i get him to touch me mable make out like we did when we meet?

Despite the time you have spent waiting for him, if he is not into kissing you, then the reality is that he is not that into you. Find your own way and if you are available wh ( Full Answer )
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What does Mable mean?

In English, the name Mable means- lovable. The name Mable orginated as an English name. The name Mable is most often used as a girl name or female name.
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How do you kill mable in fallout 3?

go to her house rig the stove and ask her to cook you a pie and the stove will blow up in her face
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What are mables made of?

Mables are heart-filled, personal stalkers who have several boyfriends and cry over each one every night. They are made of sh1tty perfume that kills you on contact.
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How do you get mables pic on animal crossing wild world?

(If Mable is the hedgehog behind the sewing machine then this answer is correct) Over a few days you will have to visit the Able Sisters every day you can play. Just talk to ( Full Answer )
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How do you loose a mable race?

If u turn it or let it fall off. ................ it depends on the rules
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Is there a tree called Mable or maple tree?

There is such thing as a Maple tree. They give you Maple sap. 12 gallons of the sap can then be boiled to give you 1 gallon of Maple Syrup.
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When did Mable Brown die?

Mable Brown died on January 21, 1996, in Winter Haven, Florida, USA of heart attack.
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What movie and television projects has Mable John been in?

Mable John has: Played herself in "Great Performances" in 1971. Played herself in "Biography" in 1987. Played Attractive Woman in "Time of Fear" in 2005. Played Bertha Mae in ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Mable H Smith written?

Mable H. Smith has written: 'The legal, professional, and ethical dimensions of education in nursing' -- subject(s): Higher Education, Nursing, Students, Nursing Education, ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Mable Frings written?

Mable Frings has written: 'Sound production and sound reception by insects' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Insect sounds, Sound production by animals
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What has the author Mable Morrow written?

Mable Morrow has written: 'Indian Rawhide; An American Folk Art (The Civilization of the American Indian Series, V. 132)' 'Indian rawhide' -- subject(s): Indian leatherwor ( Full Answer )