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What is the likelihood of getting pregnant if you are on the pill and antibiotics for ten days would be ovulating around the time of intercourse did not use a condom but pulled out?

Answer . Exact likelyhood pretty much impossible to calculate. It's possible as antibiotics weaken the pill, and there may be leakage even if you pull out.. Answer . (MORE)
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Could I be pregnant from my boyfriend not pulling out in time therefore cum'n inside me even though he was wearing a condom which happened two days before my period.?

The function of condoms is to prevent the contact of bodily fluid from both parties. In the case of pregnancy, the possibility is there only if your boyfriend's ejaculation pe (MORE)
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Your boyfriend was using condoms at first and now he doesn't anymore. He pulls out all the time but there's pre-ejaculate on the penis before you go again. Could you be pregnant?

Answer: . Yes you could, always use Trojan.. Answer: . The pull-out method is fraught with chances for becoming pregnant from the tiny amount of sperm in pre-cum to not (MORE)
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What are the chances of being pregnant under these circumstances He came inside with a condom then pulled out?

Not very likely. Was it your first time? if it was you, probably have the first time jitters. haha. no but seriously, its not likely. condoms are made to stop sperm. as long a (MORE)
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You are pregnant you had two partners 4 days apart 1st one ejaculated in you 2nd did not and didnt use a condom but pulled out what is the chances of 1st guy being the father?

You really can't know; you will really have to do a DNA test to see who really is the father. You really can't know; you will really have to do a DNA test to see who really i (MORE)
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What are the chances of being pregnant if the guy wore a condom and pulled out before he ejaculated?

First, the condom (if it's not defective) would have blocked all the sperm from entering you even if he hadn't pulled out. Condoms are only 97% effective, meaning there is a v (MORE)
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Could your girlfriend get pregnant if you had protected sex 2 days before her ovulation even tho you pulled out before ejaculating with the condom on.Could the pre ejaculation go through the condom?

It is difficult to say but if you pulled out and had a condom then there is a good chance that semen did not come in contact with her vagina. If it did, you do have a reason t (MORE)
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Can you get pregnant when the condoms breaks but the guy still pulls out but then you find the tip of the condom inside you 5 days later and sex was two days before ovulation?

If any semen made it's way into the vagina there is a chance of pregnancy. Any time you have a birth control failure or have unprotected sex you should use an emergency contra (MORE)
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Can you get pregnant if you had unprotected sex the day after you got the depo shot for the first time and your boyfriend ejaculated inside you 2 times?

yes you are suppose to wait so many hours...I believe my was 48 hours but I cant remember for sure...I have had the shot off and on for about ten years and it seems (MORE)