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Renault megane paint codes?

The answer is already on the database in the form of a general reply applicable to all paint _ code _on_ Renault _Clio_1.6_RSI_2001 - (MORE)
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Is there a Renault Megane electric vehicle?

"Project Better Place" ( is providing technology to Renault to produce a large-scale electric car pilot project in Israel. The company hopes to have (MORE)
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Renault megane starting problem?

i had problems starting my megane it was like the battery was goin dead. it wouldn't start or would take a long time to get goin so i called AA.first AA man changed battery bu (MORE)
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Idle speed on megane?

The Renault Megane is a type of car popular in Europe andAustralia. The average idle speed is around 750 RPM.
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What is the towing capacity of a Renault megane?

As with all Renault cars, you need to read the handbook carefully. The weights section is usually towards the end of the book. You will probably find two figures for the towin (MORE)
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What is the grinding noise on a megane 2?

It depends on where the grinding noise is coming from. Most of thetime the grinding is coming from the brakes and the brake pads needto be replaced. If they've been grinding f (MORE)
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How do you fix a horn on a Renault megane?

In order to fix a horn on a Renault Megane you will need to firstpurchase the parts required such as a new horn from your local autoparts store. Then it is best to take the ca (MORE)
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What country did the name 'Megan' come from?

The feminine given name 'Megan' comes from Northern Wales and means 'lucky and kind'. The House of Names website (listed below as a Related Link) indicates that this (MORE)
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What is 'Megan' in Chinese?

The name Megan is said in Chinese as Mei gen. In the Japaneselanguage this first name is said as Migan.
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How do you open the bonnet of a Renault megane?

On the UK (right hand drive) version of the Megane, there is a small lever on the passenger side under the glove compartment and next to the door. This releases the bonnet. (MORE)
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Water ingress Renault megane?

if your megane has a sunroof, remove front wheel on side of pooling water. then remove the 2 small torx screws at the bottom of the wheel arch in line with the sill. if you ca (MORE)
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What do you do when your Renault scenic megane is immobilized?

Hi, either you get it all reset, or you can get a code to bypass the immobilser. Its put in via the door lock thing on the dash and you count the immobilizer light flashes. Yo (MORE)
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Where is the map sensor on a Renault megane?

When you lift the bonnet look at the back to the right of the engine, there is a small vacuum tube leading to the map sensor that is clip locked to the bodywork approx 2" long (MORE)
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Renault megane injection fault?

it means that you should change the 4 injectors, if Megane has driven more than 180000 km it means that the injectors are amortizised.
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What are Renault megane cars?

The Renault M̩gane is a small family car produced by the French automaker Renault since 1995. It is offered in 3- and 5-door hatchback, saloon, coup̩, convertible and es (MORE)
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Where can you purchase a cheap Renault megane?

A Renault Megane is an European car, if you are in the United States, it will be hard to find one, but if you are in United Kingdom, it will be easier as many places will carr (MORE)
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What are Renault megane cars made of?

The Renault Megane cars are made of the usual steel and carbon. These cars are French made and seem to be a fair vehicle with very high safety rating.
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What vehicles are considered megane cars?

The Megane is a small family car produced by the French automaker Renault since 1995. The cars include the hatchback, saloon, coupe, convertible, and estate bodystyles.