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What did the mi'kmaq eat?

Being a semi-nomadic tribe the Mi'kmaq people did not grow crops. Hunters, fishermen and gatherers the tribe ate moose, deer and small game such as rabbits, grouse during the ( Full Answer )
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How do you say 'hi' in Mi'kmaq?

There are many ways to say hello or greet someone in Mi'kmaq. One way is to say it is Pjila'si English sound = [ eep chi Laa si ] The answer above is in fact 'welcome', H ( Full Answer )
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Where did the mi'kmaq tribe live?

The tribe are mostly found in the East arctic and Atlantic seaboard of Canada. Newfoundland and north east Maine. A proud Tribe of first nations people, Mi'kmaq territories a ( Full Answer )
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Did the mi'kmaq have enemies?

The mikmaq were once enemies with the Mohawks and waged war with them. They were also enemies with the British.
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Where did the Mi'kmaq live?

in Maine __ They live along the northeast New England area, Canada's Atlantic Prov and the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec
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Mi'kmaq beliefs and leaders?

Mi'kmaq believed in a god who was a shapeshifter named Glooscap. they actually belived in a creator Kesulk
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How do you say bye in Mi'kmaq?

You can't say "bye" or "goodbye". I think it just a plain bye. Not every language have hi or goodbye or bye in that language!!
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Where do the mi'kmaq live now?

Mi'kmaq now live on Indian Reservations located throughout Atlantic Canada. There are 13 Reserves in Nova Scotia. Mi'kmaq also choose to live Off Reserve in rural and urban ( Full Answer )
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Was the Mi'kmaq a democracy?

Democracy within our Nation, in the modern sense, started in 1918 when Kji Saqamaw (Grand Chief) Gabriel Sylliboy who was the last traditional Saqamaw became the first elected ( Full Answer )
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How did the mi'kmaq use their land?

A long long time ago someone farted. Then he had ice scream andbecame a secret agent And then jumped of an air plane. he realizedthat he did not have a parachute and tried cal ( Full Answer )
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What was different between mi'kmaq and blackfoot?

The Mi'kmaq are a First Nation in Canada or Native American in the US who were located in the Northeast of the US and Canada. They were part of the woodland and river tribes. ( Full Answer )
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What did the Mi'kmaq need to live?

All they needed to live on was what the land and sea provided. Moose and small game was the source of their meat. The ocean provided seafood and seal meat. The forests gave th ( Full Answer )
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Mi'kmaq honor Song?

there is a mi'kmaq honor song! this is how it goes. this is not a language .. these are just sound that they make ee go-- ee ganah....... ee go ee go ee (loon call) ganah ( Full Answer )
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Are there Mi'kmaq still living?

Yes. The mi'kmaq tribe is alive, well and thriving. Most members of the tribe live on Canada's East coast. There are a number of Mi'kmaq sites available on the internet for mo ( Full Answer )
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How do you say goodbye in Mi'kmaq?

In the Mi'kmaq language you say nmu'ltes app ; you might also say nmu'ltis (see you later).
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How did the Mi'kmaq make a dreamcatcher?

Historically, the only native American tribe that may have made dream-catchers were the Ojibwa/Chippewa, but even that is far from certain. Dream-catchers are a product o ( Full Answer )
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What type of farming did the Mi'kmaq do?

the Mi'kmaq farmed land like every one else but never stayed in one place for to long because they where nomadic people, never taking more then need. they also gathered some o ( Full Answer )
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What did the mi'kmaq tribe use for transportation?

A specialized sea canoe was a very distinctive method of transportation. These canoes have a very wide bottom which made them very stable in the rough waters of the ocean. Sma ( Full Answer )
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What language did the mi'kmaq people speak?

The mikmaq spoke and some still do speak Lnui'smk. The Mi'kmaq dialect spoken in Quebec is called Restigouche (or Listuguj) and can be hard for other native speakers to und ( Full Answer )
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What did mi'kmaq use to make their houses?

Wood and moose hide because in my text book it shows a picture of a shelter that had wood and lots of cloth on it. the mi'kmaq used birch bark and poles for their houses, t ( Full Answer )
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Where did the mi'kmaq come from?

The Mi'kmaq came from the plians around 6000 years ago. We know that the other answer was a lie because Canada was a big slab of ice 60,000 years ago.
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Do Mi'kmaq people live today?

Kwe' (greetings) Yes, we are alive today, and we use the internet. There are approximately 40,000 Mi'kmaq natives alive today, largely living in New England, New Brunswick, ( Full Answer )
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What is a Mi'kmaq wigwam?

A wigwam is a teepee. It's a cone shaped shelter that is made with Birch bark and animal skins.
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What are the similars of anishnabe and mi'kmaq?

Algonkin/Anishnabe and Mi'kmaq are both classified as Algonquian languages; they are therefore distantly related and a linguist can identify links between them (even if these ( Full Answer )
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When did the mi'kmaq tribe live?

Ummm....NOW lol. We are still around with bands in eastern Canada and one in Maine.
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How did the mi'kmaq get their name?

There are many possible origins for the name Mi'kmaq; one is a combination of the words mekwe'k (red) and maqmikew (ground), giving the meaning [people of] the red earth.
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What does the mi'kmaq homes look like?

Mi'kmaq people today live in the same kinds of houses as everyone else. Historically they used very distinctive summer and winter wigwams of timber covered with birch bark. ( Full Answer )
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What are the Mi'kmaqs tribe religious beliefs?

The Mi'kmaq believed in the Great creator. that he created everything in their world. Animals held a great respect among native Canadians. These were creatures who the great c ( Full Answer )
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What do the Mi'kmaqs eat?

micmacs ate deer moose bear caribou and beaver in the winter, in summer it was berries, plants porpoises seabirds and fish
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How did the mi'kmaq government work?

Citizens lived in small villages which were populatedby 50 to 500 people. District government compromized a Districtchief and council. The council includes: Elders, Bands or V ( Full Answer )
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How do mi'kmaq exchan ge money?

We take it out of our wallets or pockets and hand it to the clerk or whoever it may be. We also use these things called debit and credit cards. Hope that answers your question ( Full Answer )
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Why did the Mi'kmaq settle in the Atlantic region?

North America was populated from the Northwest corner, down the West Coast and then across the continent towards Florida. The northern edge of this population expansion was li ( Full Answer )
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Who did the mi'kmaq interact with?

The Mi'kmaqs' first contacts with Europeans were in the early 1500swith Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English fishermen who fishedin the Atlantic Ocean and along the St. La ( Full Answer )