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What is the maximum age for sex?

There is none ! sex can be performed at any age over the age of consent. It all depends on whether or not the person still feels the urge.
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Is sex prohibited during military deployment?

Answer . There are three main prohibited activities while deployed:. 1) No pornography. 2) No alcohol. 3) No co habilitation; it does not say no sex but the briefings th (MORE)
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What is sexual age of consent for military?

There are no special circumstances that allow military personnel to engage in sexual activities with underage persons. The laws that prevail are those established by the juris (MORE)
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Age requirement for military?

In the US, 18 to enlist. But with a parental waiver, a 17 iyear old can enlist.. In the US, 18 to enlist. But with a parental waiver, a 17 year old can enlist. Army 17-42 Nav (MORE)
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Legal age for sex Wisconsin?

i belive that the legal age in some parts of Wisconsin is 16 with parents consent. (watched it on 20/20)
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What is demographer?

A demographer is a person who studies human population and the the effects it has on the world such as death and birth rate..
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What is a demographer?

Demographers are statisticians who study human population.Demographers look at trends and statistics such as deaths, births,and diseases, and analyzes and interprets the findi (MORE)
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What does a demographer do?

One who studies the characteristics of people residing in an area, including age, sex, income, educational attainment, race, ethnic origin, religeous affiliation, etc.. "A De (MORE)
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Explain the demographic segmentation based on age of the consumer?

Demographics originates from the word "demography" which means the study of population. the population can be divided into into age, gender, income, and family lifecycles amon (MORE)
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What is an age for a military general?

There is not set age requirement. Through history, the famous leaders and generals achieved the rank in their early 20's. Napoleon Bonaparte was very young. Also officers prog (MORE)
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What is a Demograph?

Demography is a population projection model, it is simple to usebut highly reliable. And the quantifiable statistic for a givenpopulation are the demographics.
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What is the age to be in the us military?

Age restricitions vary by branch; however each will enlist an individual at the age of 17 years old with consent of both legal parents: US Army 17 - 42 years old US Navy 17 - (MORE)
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What is the usual age for the military recruitment?

The typical age of enlistment in the US military is from 17-28, now each branch has their own age restrictions: Army 17-42 years old Navy 17-34 years old Marines 17-28 years (MORE)
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Is sex is good at the age of 18?

It should be if you do it right. You will find it gets better as you age and become more comfortable with it and yourself. Biggest thing to realize is that at 18 you can becom (MORE)
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At what age is sex education taught?

You would normally learn about sexin high school. But most of the time you learn about it in 8th grade. So from ages 14 to 16 years of age. It depends on where you live. St (MORE)
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What should be the right age for sex?

There is no right age for sex. Every one is different physically and mentally. Hopefully you will wait until you are ready for a long term comitment and can handle all of the (MORE)
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Is sex allowed in the military?

yes if you hide somewhere that no one will find you and if u do this everything will be fine and you will enjoy
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What age do you produce sex hormones?

Sex hormones are continually produced and even developing babies have them as they have a role to play in defining a persons sex at birth. At puberty however sex hormone level (MORE)
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What demographic are you?

It depends on what age you are. If your a minor then your between 0-18 years old. If your a middle class, then your between 18-50 years old. Lastly, if your older than 50, the (MORE)
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Is solicitation of sex punishable in the military?

Yes, solicitation of sex is a punishable offense in the military for no other reason than it is a violation of local, state, and by some interpretations Federal laws. Violatio (MORE)
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Does demographic mean age?

Age is a type of demographic. Demographics are the most recent statistical characteristics of a population/group.
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Is same sex-marriage supported by the military?

Yes. Effective June 26, 2013, the US military treats all marriages the same, whether they are same-sex or opposite-sex. It even does this in states that do not permit or recog (MORE)
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What are some demographic variables on same-sex marriage?

Some demographic variables that seem to affect a person's support or opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriage include: age, religion, level of education, political (MORE)
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What age do you serve for the military in rome?

The military age in ancient Rome was 17 to 46. The Marian reforms of 107 BC established a military career of 16 years. Later it was extended to 20 and 25 years.
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How did the fourteenth century in Europe differ demographically from the High Middle Ages?

The fourteenth century in Europe did not differ demographicallyfrom the High Middle Ages much. The large-scale migration ofpeoples all over Europe had mostly happened between (MORE)