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How did the lner b1 loco get the name duiker?

Answer . The first 40 locomotives of the LNER B1 class with the exception of one which was named Ralph Assheton were named after antelope and the Duiker is one of them. Amo ( Full Answer )
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Who is mj?

MJ most commonly refers to: . Michael Jackson (singer) . Michael Jordan (athlete) . Mary Jane Watson (from Spiderman Comics) . marijuana (personified)
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Is MJ still alive?

NO ..what do you think his whole family just made this up??? all the emotions were fake? he really is dead, and people need to just drop it.
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When did mj jack burchett die?

It is not known when M.J. Jack Burchett died. He is credited withcreating on of the first snowboards which is used in thesnowboarding sport.
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What is mj?

It can stand for Michael Jackson or Michael Jordon, or Mary Jane. And some people use it as slang for marijuana.
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Is LeBron James the next MJ?

It depends, Lebron plays the same style as Michael Jordan. But Kobe can beat lebron at basketball any time. So i would say that lebron plays more like Michael Jordan, but Kobe ( Full Answer )
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Does mj die in desperate housewives?

No. He is told by Dave to get out of the car. We find out at the end when he comes out and runs to Susan and he tells her 'he told me to get out of the car'.
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What is the engine model for the Triton MJ?

It depends on what engine. I have one with a 4 cyl petrol engine which is the 4g54 engine, it was also made with a v6 and a diesel as well. I am not sure what models they are. ( Full Answer )
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Who hates MJ?

That is a question you should ask personally not on the Internent for the whole world to see.
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Why does MJ eat Spiders?

Because they are bad, thrilling and dangerous. He fries the bodies only with butter and salt and pepper. but not the legs.
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How many joules in a MJ?

There are 1'000'000 joules in a Mega Joule. This can be found by knowing that there are 1000 joules in a Kilo Joule and 1000 Kilo Joules in a Mega Joule.
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Did mj dangle his child from balcony?

He tried to show his baby to the people who were outside the window, but didn't exactly do it the safest way...geez, watch it, Michael-san! Ah, well, at least he didn't accide ( Full Answer )
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How does mj spin around like that?

In every billie jean video, he spins on his heals and lands in en pointe. Mostly he did that by putting his foot out, pushes off the floor, and kicks his heels together.
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Is mj hyper?

no.....i dont thn so he was an hyper guy he was such a really great person lol
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Is MJ black?

Yes, Michael Jordan is African American. Michael Jackson is also an African American, despite his white appearance.
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Is mj great?

YES!!!!!!! HE IS HE BEST! love, his #1 and his biggest fan! i luv mj! :)
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How many pounds are mjs kids?

mj [Michael Jackson]s kids weights are private and not a normal question to ask online but i will give my GUESS' Michael prince born 2/13/97 is about 100 pounds and Cathrine P ( Full Answer )
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What is the name of mjs kids?

son - Michael Joseph Jr known as Prince (b. 1997) daughter - Paris- Michael Katherine (b. 1998) son - Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) (b. 2002)
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Was mj gay?

Actually, we do not know. There were tabloid rumors that Michael Jackson was gay, but he was married several times, and at least one of his ex-wives said their sex life was to ( Full Answer )
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What if mj and jairus for each other?

Maybe if they are for each other,and only destiny knows if they love each other so why not tnx.
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Where to get mj shoes Michael Jackson?

Usually any dress shoes work, but if you want some you can check a Michael Jackson shop, they are everywhere!
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How do you spell mj?

The initials M.J. can stand for Mary Jane, or Michael Jackson, or even Michael Jordan.
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How do you unlock mj in nba2k11?

You do not unlock him. You unlock the mode to play as him in a team as a rookie, it's called mj creating a legend. You can't as him in the association or an exhibition match.
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Where were you when MJ died?

I was in my car, dropping my sister off at a friends house. We heard it on the radio, and I started crying..
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What does 3.6 MJ mean?

3.6Mj is an amount of energy. The "M" is the metric multiplier for one million (short for Mega) and the "j" means joules, the metric unit of energy named after the physicist " ( Full Answer )
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Did MJ really play Barny?

No. Names on Barny Actors have been officially announced. MJ is not on the list.
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Did MJ live in a manchen?

yes he lived in a very large place in American he used tp love in a place called never land that he made himself which he had a fairground and also a pet monkey.
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What is mjs fb?

his facebook is even though he has died his brother takes it over belive me he wil talk to u and about mjs life plz add him
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What is MJ Mcdermott first name?

I have the privilege of knowing MJ personally, and I know that her first name is Mary Jane. I, on the other hand actually DO know her and can assure you the above answer is W ( Full Answer )
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Who is MJ jelly?

MJ Jelluy, is my jelly belly. My world. my heart & soul. My other half. Without her i'm nothing. She means the world to me, even though we have others..
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When did mj have his first kid?

Michael Jackson or MJ had his first kid in 1997 when he was 38 years of age. He had Prince or Michael Joseph Jackson Jr with Debbie Rowe. His second child, Paris was born in 1 ( Full Answer )
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What has the author MJ Kay written?

M.J Kay has written: 'Investigations into a simple model of demand for technical manpower in an engineering organization'