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What lessons can be learned from the story of Noah?

Answer . It teaches us that we don't have to understand why. When God says "do something," trust Him.. Answer . That an all-loving God will kill all His creations i (MORE)
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What is the moral lesson of Cinderella?

The moral lesson of Cinderella is that good intentions always win.Despite the challenges that may come along the way, people withgood intentions usually emerge victorious.
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Moral lesson of a walk to remember?

Walk to Remember is a film that aired in 2002 and is based on abook by Nicholas Sparks. The moral lesson of the film is about thestruggles and hardships of life but how throug (MORE)
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What is a moral lesson?

Moral Lesson stands for what you have learned and what you have encountered right. Moral lessons are things that you learn through literature. Considering you are reading Snow (MORE)
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Is a moral a lesson?

A moral is a belief or guidance which appeals to the good in you. So yes a moral can be a lesson E.g "the moral of the story" is a guidance to what can be right.
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Is moral a lesson?

Yes, as a noun, moral means ethics or a lesson. As an adjective, moral means ethical or virtuous.
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What is the moral lesson of the movie The Perfume?

The moral is that people have different means of communication,,and people see the beauty in different ways, some through theirscent and some through the hair and other stuff. (MORE)