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What is MS Office?

Microsoft Office is an office suite of desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems, introduced by Microsoft on August 1, 1 ( Full Answer )
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What are the symptoms of MS?

The symptoms of MS are slurred speach, loss of balance, bladder and bowel problems, vision disturbance, short-term memory loss, extreme fatigue, stiffness of muscles and probl ( Full Answer )
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What is ms?

Ms ? It could be the abbreviation of Mississippi or an RPG called Maplestory. That's all I could think of. MS can stand for many things depending on the context. In biolog ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you have MS?

Personally, I don't do anything different. I have M.S. When I'm ill I rest, mostly in the hospital. When I'm well I do the same as everyone else and more. I've just started my ( Full Answer )
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What is MS-69?

"MS" stands for Mint State and 69 is a grade number on a scale of 1 to 70. Mint state coins are coins in the same condition that they were in just after leaving the mint, with ( Full Answer )
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Where did Ms come from?

"Ms." is not an abbreviation of Miss persay-it is a way of talking to an older woman who can be either married or unmarried. For example "Mr. Jones" doesn't state whether he i ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell Ms?

The spelling Ms (or Ms.) is an alternate for Miss or Mrs. that does not indicate marital status. It is normally pronounced (miz).
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How do you get MS?

don't know but i know that there are signs of multiple sclerosis anyway. eyes hurting, blurred vison and all sorts of other stuff...... you could try searching it on wikipedia ( Full Answer )
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Is there a punctuation after Ms?

Punctuation after Ms is optional.. ====. I disagree. Punctuation following Mr and Mrs is becoming optional, but I would respectfully submit that it is incorrect to place a pe ( Full Answer )
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What is an MS?

The Master of Arts degree (MA) has a broader scope, with a strong emphasis on the humanities, theoretical and general knowledge in a recognized discipline, interdisciplinary ( Full Answer )

What is ms dos and ms office?

MS DOS is an acronym for Microsoft Disk Operating System. MS Officeis an acronym for Microsoft Office which is a word processing,spreadsheet, and presentation application.
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What is Ms for?

MS stands for Masters in Science which is an advanced college degree. MS stands for Masters in Science which is an advanced college degree. MS stands for Masters in Science ( Full Answer )
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MS Excel and MS Office?

MS excel is a part of MS Office suite. You can create spreadsheet with the help of MS excel.
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Who can get MS?

anyone really ... my mom has it but we are very grateful that she doesnt have it bad. she can walk fine unlike most MS patiens. hope this helped
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What does cannabis do for ms?

Certain medical research suggests that cannabis suppresses the symptoms and anxiety of ms. This however is not foolproof and does not change the fact that some people; however ( Full Answer )
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When will it be a tornado in MS?

There is no way of knowing, though usually Mississippi gets a few tornadoes every year.
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What is ms 70?

MS 70 is the highest grade of a coin, it is in essence a perfect coin. Such a coin will contain no blemishes, bag marks, and will usually be a full, complete strike. It is ver ( Full Answer )
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Who is Ms Remick?

Terry Remick is a successful fundraising and marketing professional who makes her home in Santa Barbara. She contributes her spare time as a volunteer for organizations which ( Full Answer )
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What is ms-world?

in my point of view it is a document related nd in we do all the documents related work.
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Where is ms 13 from?

Mara Salvatrucha(MS-13) is a mostly(but not exclusevly) Salvadoran, Honduran & Guatemalan gang that started in Los Angeles Cali in the 1980's. Although they are mostly of Salv ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get Guinness in MS?

You can get in by going on to their website, go to and type in Guiness world records and the website will show up but, it may work depending on you laptop or comput ( Full Answer )
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Is Ms Married Or Not?

Ms is unmarried Actually, it is either one. The whole reason Ms. was introduced wasto replace two separate titles Miss (unmarried) and Mrs. (married).Since a mas is Mr. eith ( Full Answer )
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What is a MS in Nursing?

A master of science in nursing ( MSN ) is an advanced-level postgraduate degree for registered nurses and is considered an entry-level degree for nurse educators and manager ( Full Answer )
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What is ms in engineering?

A Masters of Science is a post-graduate degree indicating some study after a normal collegiate degree, but less than that required for a Ph.D. It may or may not be a research ( Full Answer )
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Where is Sparta MS?

Sparta, Mississippi, is in Chickasaw County, in northern Mississippi, about 40 miles SSW of Tupelo.
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Does herpes has to do with ms?

Herpes and MS are not related. How ever if some one does have MS and herpes, then their immune system can be lowered or stress could be causing break outs or more freequent br ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with the ms access?

with ms access we can create tables, queries, forms, reports, pages, macros and modules which are the objects of ms access.
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Who is ms fortune?

1000 year old widow, looks like one of my butt hairs, she has a man haircut, has more testosterone than mighty joe young
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Where is ponchatoula ms?

There is not a Ponchatoula, Mississippi. However, there is a Ponchatoula, Louisiana and it is located just south of Hammond, Louisiana right off of Interstate 55.
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What can ms paint do?

What can it do? MS PAINT does nothing. If you're wondering. It isn't a Virus at aLL Good luck and read Homestuck~
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Can MS be prevented?

The cause is not known so there is no way to predict who may getit. It does tend to run in families, so there may be a lifestyle orgenetic disposition that makes some people m ( Full Answer )
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Who is ms Earhart?

Amelia Earhart was a famous American aviatrix of the 1920's ans 1930's. She made many significant record flights.
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What is MS-Windows?

A heavily desktop oriented graphical user interface-driven system distribution for PCs. Chances are you're using a Windows machine right now.
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What is MS accountancy?

The Master of Accountancy, alternatively Master of Professional Account or Master of Science in Accounting, is a graduate professional degree designed to prepare students for ( Full Answer )
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What is Ms.?

"Ms." means miss. It is a title given to unmarried women and girls.Once married, a woman is a missus and her title becomes "Mrs."