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Why put starfish in their bathroom I will tell you why cause they origniate from a yeast infection that's right they grow out of your anus and other places extinct nah up for 7 in the ocean?

yeah disgusting things too you know they die as soon as they leave the water or your skin you havent even got a split second want to see for yourself put a petri dish over whe (MORE)
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How do you pronounce ma-ta-NAH in Hebrew?

there is no better way to write the pronunciation of matanah than the way you wrote it in your question. You could also write the pronunciation as mah-tah-NAH.
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Why don't Muslims pray sun-nah for asr prayer?

Answer: There is a sunnah for Asr prayer - but only before; not after. The same holds true for Fajr prayer. There is not supposed to be any voluntary prayer, even, between th (MORE)
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What does the German word ''nah'' mean in English?

It means no, allthought it's not correct since nein is used more commonly. The word is somekind of internet slang and if one needs more information about slang words like th (MORE)
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What if a Muslim man make a christian lady who is married pregnant and after the lady give birth to the child and the child remain in a christian house and don't do sun nah?

It depends on who you ask. If you are looking for an Islamic perspective, Islam is"transmitted" from father to child, meaning that the child(regardless of his religious upbri (MORE)
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Is NaHS strong or weak Acid?

NaHS is known as an acid salt which acts as a "buffer". Therefore, it really depends on the solution and not just NaHS itself since an acid salt can be at times an acid and at (MORE)