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What was the rationale of the postwar policy of containment in World War and show how it applied in the Truman Doctrine the Marshall Plan and NATO?

President Truman believed the US needed more than a "get tough on the Russians" policy following the war. Russia's history was one of expansion as much as possible and the Sov (MORE)
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When was the NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council established?

1991 if I am not mistaken. Though it can be 1992 but my father Jaap told me that you are a f*n lamer and you will never win the trip. So go and f*** your mum. You'll at last g (MORE)
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What is the English translation of the Italian 'NATO per soppravivere'?

" Born to survive " is an English equivalent of the Italian nato per soppravivere . Specifically, the masculine past participle nato means "born." The preposition per m (MORE)