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Who is Ne-yo?

Ne-Yo is a singer/songwriter who was born Shaffer C. Smith on October 18, 1982, in Camden, Arkansas.
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Who invented the NES?

Nintendo N ES the N is for Nintendo
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What is an NES?

Nintendo Entertainment System, an 8-bit console from Nintendo. Itwas the first ever gaming console made by Nintendo in the 80s. Gameclassics, such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey (MORE)
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When was the NES made?

1986, but if ur looking for the actual date, then i dont know
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When was the NES created?

The NES was released in Japan in 1983 as the Family Computer, or Famicom. There was much skepticism about how well the Japanese console would do in the US, so they changed the (MORE)
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Where can you find a NES?

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was officially discontinued in 1995 but there are always plenty of second hand systems available on eBay at a good price. Game cartridg (MORE)
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Who is Ne-Ne Leakes?

she is is one of the real housewives of Atlant. My favorite actually.. she is is one of the real housewives of Atlant. My favorite actually.
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How old is ne-ne leakes?

NeNe Leakes is 46 years old, born on December 13, 1967 in NYC.
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What is nes?

NES stands for "Nintendo Entertainment System," which was Nintendo's first video game console that was popular in the 80's. Games like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Final Fant (MORE)
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What does ne-yo do?

He is a song writer, He has written songs (or portions, mostyl hooks and chorosus, of a sentimental nature) for such artists as Omarrion and Lil'wayne.. Dane
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Can you buy nes?

Yes. While they are not sold at major retailers, many thrift shops, or second hand shops, such as goodwill or the salvation army may have one. You can buy one at an online act (MORE)
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How old is nes?

The nes was released in 1985 in America, Europe, and Australia. The famicom, witch was the Japanese nes) was released in 1983.
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How do you answer 'ne how'?

Just say it back; it just meens hello. It's spelled "ni hao," by the way.
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When is ne-ne leakes birthday?

I really Don't Know When Her Real Birthday Is but As the Internet Says Her Birthday is December.13,1967. If needed More Info Please Contact Me @
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Why was the NES invented?

It was invented so people, mainly children, would be entertained by a new video game console.
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Is the nes popular?

It was in 1980-1990. Now only collecters and Gamers have them now.
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What is a NES cart?

(I think) An NES cart is an NES cartridge that are the equivalent of modern day DS chips and Xbox CDs. They contain data, which, when used with an NES, can play a game.
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Can you get earthbound for NES?

Yes sites like amazon and eBay always have them for sale, but that's if you have money to spare because its quite expensive because of its rarity, its cheaper just to download (MORE)
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How do you take off a NES game in your NES?

Ask your relatives if it is too hard for you to take off. They could help take it off. Second, if you have a game already in your NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), you migh (MORE)
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What did the Nintendo NES do?

the Nintendo entertainment system (nes) hooked up to the tv and played game cartridges such as super Mario bros or the legend of Zelda and tetras it was a big hit in 1985
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What does ---ne spell?

Common 5-letter words ending in -NE are: alone amine atone borne brine chine clone crane drone inane opine ozone penne phone plane prone prune quine scene scone seine shine sh (MORE)