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What is the difference between NIST buffer solution and USA buffer solutions?

When setting up your pH meter you need to specify that the standardsolutions are NIST, USA, China or Custom standards. Typically pHmeters will automatically identify the pH 7 ( Full Answer )
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Is alchemy saint nist?

Alchemy is often defined as a pseudo-scientific predecessor to chemistry that sought to transmute base metals into gold, produce an elixir to prolong life indefinitely, produc ( Full Answer )
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Who might be interested in the NIST Special Publication 800 53?

First of all, NIST means National Institute of Standards and Technology. Except for sensitive information which can jeopardize national security, NIST provides information by ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find information on NIST SP 800 53?

One can find information on NIST SP 800 53 by reading the Federal Information Securities Management Act of 2002. One can also contact Ron Ross of the Federal Information Secur ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Eshgh kafi nist - 1999?

The cast of Eshgh kafi nist - 1999 includes: Shaghayegh Farahani as Mahtab Soltani Soroosh Khalili Farhad Khan Mohammadi Jalal Moosavi Majid Niamorad Amir Pievar Jalal Pishvai ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Niste baieti grozavi - 1987?

The cast of Niste baieti grozavi - 1987 includes: Gheorghe Balasoiu as Cristescu Cosmin Casaleanu as Practicant Magda Catone as Mica Viorel Comanici as Mecanizator 1 Geo Costi ( Full Answer )