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Who is the treasurer of NSW state?

Michael Costa became treasurer on 17 February 2006 but was dismissed on on 5 September 2008 . He was replaced by Eric Roozendaal .
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Who is the leader of NSW?

In a state election held on 26 March 2011, Barry O'Farrell , of the Liberal Party of Australia, was elected Premier of NSW.
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Are there tornadoes in NSW?

Yes, although (according to the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology) most violent tornadoes are in the US , east of the Rockies. Here's a little information fro ( Full Answer )
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Where is Harrington NSW Australia 2427?

Harrington is on the sea coast near Taree, NSW. It is about 10-15km off the main highway (the Pacific) after heading north from Taree. It is on the northern side of the mouth ( Full Answer )
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Three of NSW important citys?

The letters in the states name are the first letters of the 3 main cities in New South Wales. They stand for following...N=Newcastle, S=Sydney and W=Wollongong, geographically ( Full Answer )
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What is the size of NSW?

According to the Australian Government Geoscience website, the areaof New South Wales is about 800,628 square kilometres, with anadditional 14 sq km in islands. The total is 8 ( Full Answer )
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Who is the governor of nsw?

In 2008, it is Professor Marie Bashir. Well its 2011 now and I think its Quentin Bryce. The Governor General.
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Where are the goldfields in NSW?

Operating Gold Mine towns and regions in New South Wales: . Endeavour 42, Lake Cowal, West Wyalong . New Occidental, Occidental . Hill End Project, Hill End . Cadia, Cad ( Full Answer )
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Who is the government of NSW?

The government of New South Wales or NSW is considered as a stateof the Commonwealth of Australia. It is governed based on a form ofdemocratic parliamentary system called the ( Full Answer )
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What are the emblems of NSW?

The official emblems of New South Wales are: . Floral: waratah . Faunal (mammal): platypus . Faunal (avian): Kookaburra
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What can you see in NSW?

The wonderful things of NSW are . Sydney - the capital of nsw . Canberra - the capital of Australia . Tammworth - music city . Warren - the best town in NSW
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Where is belrose nsw?

On Forest Way about 19 kilometers north of Sydney. Between suburbs of Frenchs Forest and Terry Hills.
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What is mined in NSW?

Some of the minerals and metals mined in New South Wales are: . opals . silver . lead . zinc . gold . zircon . copper . coal . titanium See the related link below f ( Full Answer )
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Is Parkes NSW a remote town?

It depends upon one's definition of "remote". To someone from Europe, where towns are clustered together much more closely, being smaller countries, Parkes would seem very rem ( Full Answer )
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Nsw OzlotteriesCom is real or scam?

There is such a thing. However, there is some controversy, as it appears that not everyone claiming to be from it, is from it. And of course, others who claim that it's all ba ( Full Answer )
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Who were the 4 first governors in NSW?

The first four governors of New South Wales were: . Arthur Phillip . John Hunter . Phillip Gidley King . William Bligh
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What towns are flooded in NSW?

Currently (12 January 2010), flooded New South Wales towns are: . Grafton . Boggabilla . Toomelah . Tabulam . Goodooga . Ulmara . Cowper . Weilmoringle
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How many state electorates in NSW?

There are 93. There is Albury, Auburn, Ballina, Balmain, Bankstown, Barwon, Bathurst, Baulkham Hills, Bega, Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Burrinjuck, Cabramatta, Camden, Campbe ( Full Answer )
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How old is Newcastle NSW?

Newcastle, NSW was first established as a convict camp in 1801. At first it was called King's Town, after Governor King.
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Is Canberra located in NSW or Victoria?

Strictly speaking, Canberra is neither in New South Wales nor Victoria. It lies within the Australian Capital Territory , a quite separate territory from any of the states. H ( Full Answer )
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Which beach within NSW does not belong to NSW?

That would be any of the beaches within the Jervis Bay Territory. In 1908, territory was ceded by the New South Wales government for the purpose of creating the Federal Cap ( Full Answer )
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Can you own a sloth in nsw Australia?

Unfortunately not commonly. Sloths of any sub-species are currently a highly endangered animal. To legally own a Sloth in any state of Australia, you will need to apply for ( Full Answer )