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What is NZ famous for?

All Blacks . Flight of the Concords . Pavlova . Hobbits . Diversity of culture . Sheep . The Haka . Dairy industry . Lemon and Paeroa . Thermal activity/volcanoe ( Full Answer )
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Who was the king of NZ?

Like Australia, New Zealand is governed by a Prime Minister, but there is still a monarchal figure, currently Queen Elizabeth II.. However, back in the 1850s, tribes of Maori ( Full Answer )
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How big is NZ?

NZ has a population of 60,000,000 sheep and 3,600,000 humans!!!. and New Zealand IS 103,737 SQUARE MILES!! i hope that answers your question??. sorry about all that other st ( Full Answer )
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What is NZ?

'NZ' is a common abbreviation for New Zealand, a small country in the southern hemisphere around 2000 kilometers southeast of Australia. It is used for a variety of things ass ( Full Answer )
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Where did nz fight?

New Zealanders fought along side the Australians in the Pacific & parts of Southeast Asia during WWII.
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Who is the king of nz?

New Zealand has a Queen at the moment no King. The Queen is Queen Elizabeth II
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How long is nz?

The length is about 1,000 miles in total. It is about 220 miles atthe widest point. At one point, it is only 2 or 3 kilometers wide.
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What does nz mean?

Depends on the context. NZ is an abbreviation for New Zealand. It is also the name of a function in Visual Basic for Applications, converting any NULL value to ZERO for calcul ( Full Answer )
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What is NZs 3604?

this serial number you gave can go from Framing building timber number to an amendment number in New Zealand, if you can be precise next time?. tasman island.
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Who is Santa in NZ?

This depends because people from NZ are from lots of different places, but he is just the normal guy Santa Claus (Or Father Christmas sometimes.)
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Where is hobbiton in nz?

The town known as "Hobbiton" in J.R.R Tolkiens, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, was set in Matamata, New Zealand.
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Which continent is NZ in?

nz was part of Australia but now is called ociana which also includes place like paupa new guini and Fiji
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How did NZ get its name?

New Zealand was 'discovered' by Abel Tasman (a Dutchman) Zeeland is a place in Holland and he chose to name the newly located islands 'New Zealand (Zeeland)
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How far is it from Raglan NZ to Auckland NZ?

155 miles taking this route: . Take SH-23 EAST from Raglan to SH-39 NORTH. Turn left. . Take SH-39 NORTH to SH-1. Turn left onto SH-1 NORTH to AUCKLAND. . Take SH-1 NORTH ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a passport in nz?

You should go to the following address to apply for one. . New Zealand Passport Office Department of Internal Affairs PO Box 1568 Wellington 6140 New Zealand .
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Wars that were fought by nz or in nz?

Māori tribal warfare before 1806 Musket Wars 1806-1845 New Zealand wars 1845-1872 Second Boer War 1899-1902 First World War 1914-1918 Second World War 1 ( Full Answer )
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How did the possum get into NZ?

The first attempt to introduce the possum into New Zealand came in 1837, for the purposes of establishing a fur industry. They were brought from Australia to Riverton in South ( Full Answer )
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Is anzacbiscuits nz?

ANZAC biscuits are a New Zealand and Australian biscuit. They were baked and sent to the ANZACS (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) during the War
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What rivers do you have in NZ?

Aan River Acheron River Ada River Adams River Ahaura River Ahuriri River Ahuroa River Akatarawa River Akitio River Alexander River Alfred River Allen Riv ( Full Answer )
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How did opossums get to NZ?

There are no opossums in New Zealand. The brush-tailed possum (not opossum) was introduced from Australia into New Zealand to start a fur trade there, in 1837. This fur trad ( Full Answer )
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What are the nz cities?

From the largest city (major cities) to the smallest city (minor cities) in NZ: Major cities- Name: Population: Auckland 1,200,000 Wellington 400,000 Christchurch ( Full Answer )
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Does nz have snow?

Yes, on the mountains and also in Queenstown/South Island. It doesn't snow everywhere in winter like in england, though. You can ski
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Is Gamestop in nz?

Yes it is however it is still called "eb games" which is owned by GameStop
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Are there bears in NZ?

No. NZ has only one native mammal and that is a bat. The only bears in NZ are in the zoos.
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When was nz found?

There is no definite date as to when NZ was found, but history has NZ was found at least 700 years ago when it was discovered and settled by the Polynesians. The first Europea ( Full Answer )
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What does nz have that make people come to nz?

other than it is really safe, very green and it is illegal to hit your kids for disciplinary, it is the best country in the world.
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Is nz a country?

Yes NZ is short for New Zealand and it is a country in the pacific ocean near Australia.
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Who made NZ?

Present day New Zealand is the island tops of a large submerged continent, about the size and shape of India, and nowadays named Zealandia. It formed geologically, as a trough ( Full Answer )
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Where are the ladybugs in NZ?

In New Zealand, there are both English species, as well as several native species. In Wanaka, Otago, we have several black lady beetles with reddish splotches or dots.
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Is powersportmax in nz?

No, there is no PowerSportsMax location in NZ. This company is headquartered in southern California. Products made by this company may be imported to NZ, however.
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Is nz an element?

No. NZ is neither an element, as no element has only 2 letters.Also, it is not the initials of any element.
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How did cats get to NZ?

On ships. Wooden ships used to carry a few cats as rat catchers,some left the ship.
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How did Kumara get to NZ?

Kumara of course originate in South America. Two possible sources are Polynesian voyagers bringing the plant home with them; and a much lesser possibility lies in the voyages ( Full Answer )