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Who is Nate Kmic?

He was a Running Back for the NCAA Division III Mount Union Purple Raider Football Team in Alliance, OH. Kmic finished his Mount Union career as the all-time leading colleg ( Full Answer )
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Who is nate hammons?

Played high school baseball for Fort Cobb, OK. He was winning pitcher in 2004 State Championship game. Won Ferguson Jenkins award as a Senior. Drafted in 32nd round out of hig ( Full Answer )
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What does Nate mean?

The name Nate is short for Nathaniel which is of Hebrew origin and means Gift of God.
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Who is big nate?

Big Nate is the star of Lincoln Peirce's comic strip, and the Poptropica island of the same name. Sixth-grader Nate Wright and his gang live in an unnamed small town, and att ( Full Answer )
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Who is Nate Campbell?

He is a former athlete at Greater Latrobe High School who played baseball and basketball. He bats left handed and throws/shoots right. He also played for Latrobe American Legi ( Full Answer )
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Who does nate love?

he so fun and cool he is a nice person He is better than that
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Who was Nate Saint?

"Nate" Saint was an evangelical Christian missionary pilot to Ecuador who, along with four others, was killed while attempting to evangelize the Waodani people through efforts ( Full Answer )
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Who is Nate Archibald?

Nathaniel Archibald (born September 2, 1948) is a retired professional basketball player. Following college play at the University of Texas (El Paso), he spent 13 years playin ( Full Answer )
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How do you play as nate on big nate island?

You can't. He follows you around most of the time. Because all the characters are licensed by the Big Nate artist, none of the "costumizer" tricks will work on them. (th ( Full Answer )
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How do you beat Nate on the jet ski on Big Nate Island?

Point the mouse well above and ahead of the jet ski and click to make it jump obstacles. Dodge the bird eggs. Jumping every two seconds or so will win even if you hit a few bu ( Full Answer )
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How do you race Big Nate on big nate Island?

First you need the keys to the ski jet. Go up the lighthouse to the painter and ask him to see through his telescope. Look through and use your mouse to go right and up. You w ( Full Answer )
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How do you race nate on big nate island?

You get the keys from the lobster guy. Then you ride. Jump when necessary to reach the island. Be faster than Nate!!
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Who is Nate Ciluik?

Nate Ciluik is a secret agent under cover kills people in there sleep especially CORY HOUSE ( A GAY KID in school).
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Who is nate mclouth?

Nate McClouth is the Pittsburgh Pirates' starting Center Fielder. See related links below for a full profile.
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How do you beat Nate in the race on big nate island?

Point your mouse to the upper right corner, and dodge the obstacles (buoys and bird eggs). All of the buoys in the water are the same distance apart, so you should time your j ( Full Answer )
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How do you get nate to ride the jet skis on Big Nate Island?

You first need to look through the painter's telescope and see the map on the far right (the seals and the seesaw rock). Get the jet ski keys by recovering Cap'n Salty's lost ( Full Answer )
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Who is nate mathers?

nate mathers is eminems 17 year old brother, nate is his nickname. his real name is nathan.
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Where is the telescope on Big Nate Island?

It is on top of the lighthouse. You can see Seal Island from there.But you can't go there until you recover the lobster trap for Cap'nSalty, who will give you the keys to his ( Full Answer )
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How do you outrace Nate on the jetski on Big Nate island?

The only times you are in competition with Nate are the Jet Ski Race and the Hangman game. For the jet ski, point your cursor well ahead of your character and jump when you ne ( Full Answer )
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Who is nate shipp?

emeh.., there are more nate shipps, i hope we mean the same, its a guy in a band, the Black Veil Brides :)
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How do you spell nate?

That is the correct spelling of the male given name Nate, also a short form of the names Nathan and Nathaniel.
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What words does Nate use in Hangman on big Nate island?

When you play Hangman (Go to Jail) in the Kids Only room of the playground, Nate will use any of several words, but all of them are related to the island. Some of the ones ( Full Answer )
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What words does Nate use to stump you on Big Nate island?

In the Hangman game, the word is chosen at random from a long list.They include: bubblegum cabinet capsule character chemistry clappers class detention island Jenny joke homew ( Full Answer )
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Who is nate sparks?

Nate Sparks is an alt country singer/songwriter on Capitol Nashville. He has released four alt country CDs and some Christmas parodies.
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What pokemon does nate have?

im sure its tepig because when i watch the trailer he's with an emboar and rosa's with serperior and hugh is battling with samurott
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Where is big nate comic on big nate?

Well,you can find it in the comic books or "The United Features Syndicate" newspaper if you aren't a researcher like me,Alfonso The 64 man
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How do you beat Nate on the jetski on Big Nate island?

Just move as fast as you can, by aiming the mouse cursor at theupper right. Click to jump the obstacles, and slow down to avoidthe dropped eggs. As long as you move fast, you ( Full Answer )
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Is nate mad?

Depends entirely which Nate you are referring to. Personally, as I don't know a Nate, I can't answer.
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Who is nate in big Nate?

Big Nate is the main character in Lincoln Pierce's book: Big Nate. His full name is Nate Wright.