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How much are baby nates?

The shoes that are sometimes called "Baby Nates" are actuallyBathing Apes or Bapes. The cost for them will vary between $200 and$500.
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How do you get to the basement of big nates island?

You'll have to get in the detention room somehow, and the best way to do that is breaking the rules. Go to the "No Gum Chewing" sign and chew the gum you just got. Mrs. Godfre (MORE)
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What is a nates?

Another word for a buttocks.
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What was the edict of nates issued in an effort to do?

Henry of Navarre converted from Calvinism to Catholic ("France is worth a mass"), and ruled as Henry IV of France. In order to gain the support of Calvinist, he passed the Edi (MORE)
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How old is Natee Thongsookkaew?

Natee Thongsookkaew is 44 years old (birthdate: December 9, 1966).
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What is the English name 'Nate' in French?

Nate is an English loan word in French. Specifically, the French word is a masculine proper noun. It can be a nickname for names such as "Nathan" and "Nathaniel" and their (MORE)
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What does the name nately mean?

Do you mean "Natalie"? It literally means "born". It is related to the word "nativity", referring to the birth of Christ, i.e. to Christmas. The name "Natalie" was originall (MORE)
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How old is big nates sister?

if any body know plz tell me cause i have to answer this question on this game
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Is Big-Nate a rapper?

Yes the best rapper alive and yall better remember that.
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What is 'Nate' when translated from English to Italian?

Nate is the same in English and Italian. It serves as a diminutive for the masculine proper nouns Natan ("Nathan") and Natanaele ("Nathaniel"), both tracing their origins (MORE)
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When was Nately Olmeda born?

Nately Olmeda was born on July 8, 1980, in San Diego, California, USA.