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Are you a vacuum cleaner?

No but Roomba is. Roomba is an automatic vacuum cleaner which moves around your house and picks up dirt and dust while moving. It does its job very well, saving you a lot of t (MORE)
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What is a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is used to suck up a mess or dirt in a carpet oron tile or wood floors, and all the gross junk goes into a bag orcontainer you throw away or dump in trashcan. (MORE)
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What do I check if my Kenmore Canister vacuum cleaner model 116 is not working?

It depends what the problem is. If the brush isn't spinning check the belt and if there is something wound around the brush keeping it from spinning. If it is a problem with s (MORE)
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Does a vacuum cleaner need a magnet to work?

Some kind of magnet or magnetic field is necessary for a motor tooperate. Alternating current vacuum cleaners (that plug into thewall) have motors with electromagnets. Direct (MORE)
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Which model is better in vacuum cleaners?

filtropur fc3000 is the best cleaning machine in the world!!!!! seen it own it and love it!!!!! lifetime free service!!!! 5yr on parts!!! all upgrades are retrofitted!!! the d (MORE)
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What questions need to be sucked into a vacuum cleaner on Wikianswers?

I am assuming you are metaphorically asking what questions need tobe removed from WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is trying to become aPG-13 site. Any swearing/profanity, hacking or (MORE)
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Why is a vacuum cleaner called a vacuum cleaner?

The machine gets its name from the fact that the fan in the unitmoves air and creates a low pressure pathway (a vacuum, though apartial one) that is open at the nozzle (or hos (MORE)
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How is the vacuum created in a vacuum cleaner?

Although it is called a vacuum cleaner, it does not actually create a vacuum. Inside the cleaner there is an electric motor which drives a fan blade. This fan blows air out (MORE)
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Do a Vacuum cleaner needs a magnet?

If the vacuum cleaner is powered by electricity this is used to turn the electric motor which is needed to create the suction or vacuum. That motor either has permanent magnet (MORE)
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What are some vacuum cleaners that do not need bags?

"Some vacuum cleaners that do not need bags are the new electronic ones. The ones that you need to charge. Although they tend to need a lot of time to charge, it's much easier (MORE)
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Need manual for model no 917.288031?

It would help if you´d specify the product that the model number belongs to. Is it a car? Radio-operative plane?
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What models of vacuum cleaners are sold by Eureka?

Models of vacuum cleaners sold by Eureka include the Euroclean Wet & Dry, Euroclean Litevac, Euroclean XForce, Euroclean Xtreme, AirSpeed, AirExcel and many more. Further info (MORE)