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To open an Electrolux vacuum model 1623 How?

1. Remove hose. 2. Open bag compartment. 3. Remove bag. 4. Remove Hepa filter cover. 5. Remove hepa filter. 6. Slide rubber side bumpers toward the front (hose end) (MORE)

Does a vacuum cleaner need a magnet to work?

Some kind of magnet or magnetic field is necessary for a motor tooperate. Alternating current vacuum cleaners (that plug into thewall) have motors with electromagnets. Direct (MORE)

Which model is better in vacuum cleaners?

filtropur fc3000 is the best cleaning machine in the world!!!!! seen it own it and love it!!!!! lifetime free service!!!! 5yr on parts!!! all upgrades are retrofitted!!! the d (MORE)
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Do a Vacuum cleaner needs a magnet?

If the vacuum cleaner is powered by electricity this is used to turn the electric motor which is needed to create the suction or vacuum. That motor either has permanent magnet (MORE)

What are some vacuum cleaners that do not need bags?

"Some vacuum cleaners that do not need bags are the new electronic ones. The ones that you need to charge. Although they tend to need a lot of time to charge, it's much easier (MORE)

Are upright vacuum cleaners more efficent?

"Not necessarily, an upright vacuum can be more efficient but depending on the type or price it may not be. Some of the other types can do better than an upright vacuum, and a (MORE)
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Do you use electrolux vacuum bags?

"I personally do not, because I find that you need to change them way too often. Electrolux uses oxygen or argon to absorb some of the dust from surfaces, causing quicker pick (MORE)
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What is the cost for electrolux vacuum bags?

The average cost for an Electrolux vacuum bag is about eight dollars with bags as low as seven dollars and as high as twenty dollars for a 4-5 bag pack. Price may vary based o (MORE)

How much does a new Electrolux vacuum cleaner cost?

The Electrolux vacuum prices range from around $99 to upwards of $450, depending on the model. The cheaper models are a simple upright vacuum that is said to get the job done (MORE)
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Where is it possible to purchase Electrolux vacuums?

Electrolux vacuums can be purchased online at various sites or they can be purchased in store at most department stores, hardware stores or vacuum stores. For a full list of r (MORE)

Where can one find more information about upright vacuum cleaners?

One can find information about upright vacuum cleaners by visiting a store like Canadian Tire, or Sears and talking to the sales clerk. Another option is to check a few site (MORE)