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Who is Nguyen Van Thieu?

Nguyen Van Thieu (1923-2001) president of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) (1967-75). Thieu played a significant part in the 1963 coup against Ngo Dinh Diem and held ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce nguyen?

A good approximation is "nuhWEN." Some others suggest "Win","Wing", "Nwing", "Wen", "Nwen" etc. Any of these will get you by inNorth America. Whatever you do, don't say "Nuh-g ( Full Answer )
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Does Betty Nguyen have a sister?

Betty Nguyen is a journalist who as of 2014 works for MSNBC. Shewas born in Vietnam but there is not mention of her havingsiblings.
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Who was nguyen van thieu?

Nguyen Van Thieu was the President of South Vietnam from 1965 to1975. He resigned days before Saigon fell, and the communists wonthe war.
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Who is Christine nguyen?

Christine Nguyen is an actress. She has starred in movies such asGhost in a Teeny Bikini, Get Him to the Greek and Kaboom.
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What does Michelle nguyen means?

Michelle nguyen means power. Michelle belongs to michelle obama the first lady of state. Nguyen is win which means that you need power to win. Michelle is sick with hermotolog ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce tuyethong nguyen?

The spelling's in some languages seem to side track some readers; such as the English words, "thru" and "through", "Kar" and "Car", "Stephen" and "Steven"...and reader's try t ( Full Answer )
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What is nguyen minh triet known for?

1. He is the current president of Vietnam. 2. He fought as a communist soldier in the Vietnam War.
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Who are the nguyens?

Nguyen is a Vietnamese name, but currently a surname for many people all over the world, like France, Australia, Norway, America, Europe and a obvious Asia.
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Is Alyssa nguyen le famous?

yes she is a famous pop singer and is dating the kind nick Jonas which she is in the new movie called Jonas as marcy who is nicks girl
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Is don nguyen a satanist?

He may be or may not be a Satanist, it depends on if he is/was open with his satanic beliefs or his possible membership with the Church of Satan.
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Who is Judy Nguyen?

Judy Nguyen is the stripper that Pastor Zachery Tims admitted to having a year long relationship with. The relationship lasted from August 2006 to October 2007.
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Who is Henry nguyen?

Dr. Henry T. Nguyen is an endowed professor at the University ofMissouri. He is an expert in soybean biotechnology and plantadaptation.
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Who is Nancy Nguyen?

Nancy Nguyen is a teenage girl who makes parodies of other songs like Tik Tok sang by Kesha
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How old is Matt nguyen?

That's pretty close to asking, "How old is John Smith?" Nguyen is the Smith of Vietnam.
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Who is Cathy nguyen?

She is the girl from several videos made by WongFuProductions. Everyone thinks that Cathy is dating Wesley Chan (one of the Wong Fu guys)
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Why is Thai Nguyen an Uc Deng?

This is because his entire family is uc den including his best friends - Brian, David, Roger, Liam and Tim so he must be an uc den with super uc den powers like climbing walls ( Full Answer )
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Is betty nguyen still with CBS?

no not as of 04/06/2012. I don't know where she is going. I wish i knew.
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How old is Nguyen Khanh?

Nguyen Khanh was 85 years old when he died on January 11, 2013 (birthdate: November 8, 1927).
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Who were the children of Vo Nguyen Giap?

Giap was the NVAs top general during the war. Try looking up his website for his biography. Or take a look at the book, "Victory at any Cost: The Genius of Vietnam's Gen. V. N ( Full Answer )
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What is Lucy Nguyen?

Lucy Nguyen is a hideous creature, sometimes referred to as the monster of all monsters. Believed to be female she has a slight resemblance to oompa loompas from the famous mo ( Full Answer )
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What is a Natalie Nguyen?

it is a person who is close to my heart she is nice and kind and that is y i love her even if she is kinda reckless
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Who is Nguyen Sinh Cung?

Better known as Ho Chi Minh , Nguyen Sinh Cung is the leader of the Vietnamese communists who were militarily victorious over the French and the American imperialists. Ho ( Full Answer )
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Who is thanhtruc nguyen?

A Vietnamese girl, curently in SM entertainment in South Korea. Training to be a dancer, singer, an actress. In the future she will become the top celeberty of the world "the ( Full Answer )
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IS Danny nguyen gay?

Yes, he dreams of men in his sleep. While showering he will have the thought of men watching him shower.
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What is Nguyen in Artemis Fowl?

He is the informant to Artemis fowl, being bribed to tell them where the sprite is. He gets paid thousands of dollars.
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What is Nguyen Thuy Lam famous for?

Nguyen Thuy Lam is a singer off Vietnamese origin who won the Miss Vietnamese World contest in 2008. She especially became famous because of her being Miss Vietnamese World.
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What is Tila Nguyen famous for?

Tila Nguyen is a Singapore born American model and television personality. She is best known for her appearance in a variety of men's magazines such as Penthouse and Maxim.
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How do you know Betty Nguyen is a lesbian?

You don't, because she has never said so. The internet is a placewhere rumors flourish, but that does not make those rumors true.Betty Nguyen is an award-winning reporter, bor ( Full Answer )
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Why did Luke Nguyen migrate to Australia?

Luke's father was a high ranking lieutenant in South Vietnam. When South Vietnam fell to North Vietnam, his father had to escape or face death. Luke's mother was pregnant with ( Full Answer )
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What is Betty Nguyen?

I assume you are asking about her ethnicity. She is an American, born in Vietnam but raised in the USA. She is currently working as a reporter for NBC and MSNBC; before joinin ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Tinh Nguyen written?

Tinh Nguyen has written: 'Development of a method to measure in situ chloride at the coating/metal interface' -- subject(s): Materials, Corrosion and anti-corrosives, Deteri ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Patrick Nguyen written?

Patrick Nguyen has written: 'Beyond the street' -- subject(s): Graffiti, Artists, Modern Art, Interviews, Street art, Commercial Art galleries, Street-Art, Urban-Art
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Who is darryl nguyen?

Darryl Nguyen plays Pinkie Pie on the hit TV show, "My LittlePony", who also stars with Joshua Park as Rainbow Dash, IsabelleDumlao as Twilight Sparkle, and the beautiful Kasi ( Full Answer )