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What does oos stand for?

if your an Rp'er (role player) OOS means Out Of Story for when youwant to talk but in the middle of something. If your not then itcan mean Out Of Style meaning if something is (MORE)
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What is an oos stand in retail?

Typically it means Out of Stock, O.o.S.. . Was also used 30 some years ago by Schlitz Beer to mean Out of Schlitz.
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What does oos mean in merchandising?

In laboratory, and most other environments, it is a Quality Control abbreviation for Out Of Specification= OOS.
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What OOS means?

Out of Sync. (i.e. an error occuring with internet-games)
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Et-oo or et twa?

e toi- means and you example: comment allez-vous? (how are you) bien merci, e toi? (good thanks, and you?)
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What is oos and how can it combated in the workplace?

In the workplace, OOS often means "out of service." This is not something that can be combated. It is a notice that a piece of equipment is unable to be used. When you see suc (MORE)