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What does oos stand for?

if your an Rp'er (role player) OOS means Out Of Story for when youwant to talk but in the middle of something. If your not then itcan mean Out Of Style meaning if something is ( Full Answer )
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Why did they block pokemone crater Oo?

They never shut down Pokémon Crater, they just changed the website name for it..
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What is an oos stand in retail?

Typically it means Out of Stock, O.o.S.. . Was also used 30 some years ago by Schlitz Beer to mean Out of Schlitz.
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Words that have oo in it?

i know it's kinda weird but poop! but there are lots of others! too goo
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Words spelled with oo?

boot, foot, shoot, book, flood, blood, moon, soon, noon, gloom, room, wood, root, smooth, balloon, cooperate, coordinate, coop
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What does oos mean in merchandising?

In laboratory, and most other environments, it is a Quality Control abbreviation for Out Of Specification= OOS.
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What is OO Lutheran negative blood?

Sorry "Retired History Teacher" your answer has no medicalbackground neither does your education. Lutheran Blood types do exist. It is because of the presence of avery rare a ( Full Answer )
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Words that have oo in them?

Words with double O: . spoon . moon . look . root . foot . boot . fool . shoot . loophole . tooth . too . blood . flood . drool . wool . pool . school . do ( Full Answer )
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Words with oo in the middle?

book boot brook choose cook crook hook hoot look loose nook poor root soot took voodoo zoos
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What words have a double oo in them?

boot . bloom . broom . cook . cooperate . doodle . flood . food . good . hood . hoot . igloo . loop . mood . noon . poolside . rooster . smooth . soothe . s ( Full Answer )
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What are some words that end with OO?

achoo . boo . coo . cuckoo . goo . kazoo . moo . shoo . too . taboo . tattoo . voodoo . wazoo . zoo
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Et-oo or et twa?

e toi- means and you example: comment allez-vous? (how are you) bien merci, e toi? (good thanks, and you?)
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A 4 letter word that have oo in the middle?

boot, coot, door, fool, good, hood, food, loom, mood, noon, poor, room, soot, foot, hoot, toot, wood, zoos, took, look, book, boom
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How do you pronounce oo in Japanese?

If you mean oo as you've seen it in a word (such as otoo-san) it's pronounced the same as "o" in Japanese. (O is pronounced like its letter, as the "oa" sound in "float") Th ( Full Answer )
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What is the short sound of vowel OO?

The long U has a long OO sound as in cool and moon. The short OO sound has an (oah) sound as in good and foot. This is midway between a long OO and a short U (uh), made with t ( Full Answer )
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Do long o words have an oo sound?

No. The long O is an "oh" sound as in code and boat. The OO sound is often considered a long U sound (along with the YU sound as in unique ).
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Is there an oo bird that is not extinct?

Though there are very rarely reports to the otherwise, particularly on Hawaiʻi and East Maui, all members of the genus Moho are thought to be extinct, the last known specie ( Full Answer )
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Can AS marry OO?

depends on how much they love each other.But if they have been together for more than a year than maybe they can make it.
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How does an ah-oo-gah horn work?

A motor spins a wavy disc against a hard nub at the center of a metal diaphragm.
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Can a mother with AA have a child with OO blood?

We are looking for the possible blood types of a baby. Available information: . Mother type AA = contributes A gene only . Baby is type O --can only be OO = must get Og ( Full Answer )
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Is droopy long oo or short oo?

Long. Just listen to it. The vowel sound is said for a looong time. The short oo is a quick sound. Compare boot (long oo) to book (short oo). The long one takes longer to say! ( Full Answer )
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Which word have OO in it?

book cook look took moo soon moon spoon cool school poool fool zoo food good root boot room broom oops too baboons racoon blood hoot
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What are methods and how do they come into play with OO programming?

Methods is the OO term for what pre-OO languages called Subroutines or Functions. They were given a new name because they have additional features that the old Subroutines and ( Full Answer )
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What is oos and how can it combated in the workplace?

In the workplace, OOS often means "out of service." This is not something that can be combated. It is a notice that a piece of equipment is unable to be used. When you see suc ( Full Answer )
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Does fruit have an oo or yoo sound?

The UI pair has a long OO sound. The "yoo" sound is heard in words such as cute and fuel.
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Are oo and or yoo the same vowel sound?

Most grammar sources say yes. Although the concept of long vowels are that they "say their name," the long U can be represented by a long OO as in rule, dune, and flute -- the ( Full Answer )
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What is mint mark oo?

There's never been an "oo" mint mark on a US coin. The only two-letter mint mark was "cc" for Carson City, 1870-1893. Many 19-century coins used so-called serif lettering w ( Full Answer )
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What has the author OO Worden written?

O.O Worden has written: 'A comparative experimental study of two similar groups of super-normal elementary school children'
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Words ending with oo?

Some words that end with "oo" are waterloo, jackaroo, and buckeroo.A few words that end in "oo" are shampoo, bugaboo, and boohoo. Bamboo. Hoodoo.
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What is 60 hours after 3.oo am?

60 - 24 - 24 = 12 12 + 3 = 15 = 3pm so 3 in the afternoon two days later
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Why does oo make different sounds?

Two O's beside each other make different sounds as in food, look,blood, and door. Mostly two O's beside each other make the long "u"sound.