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Define prototype in ooad?

prototyping is an approach to e development to a system where software simulates the aspects of an actual processing system, in simple words prototyping can be called as a sho (MORE)
In C Sharp

Creating and destroying objects in ooad?

Objects are memory allocation for Data held inside it at runtime. So Memory need to be allocated for objects (Creating Objects) and it need to be garbage collected or dealloca (MORE)

How is UML related to OOAD?

UML supports Object Oriented Analysis and Design ( OOAD ). It has all related concepts like classes, objects, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, etc. UML is most suita (MORE)

What is association in ooad?

In Object-oriented design, association is a relation between two objects, for example, Car & Wheel have an association (that is, car contains wheels), Toolbar & Button have an (MORE)