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What is an oodle?

\nAn oodle is a large amount of something. \n. \nSee: Units of measurement.\n. \nEg: "Oodles and oodles of noodles."
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Whats an oodle?

An 'Oodle' is a term which means "A very great amount" but nothing more precise than that. It is almost a slang term because of it's vagueness.
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What are the GSN oodles answers?

Someone has made a database with all of the answers for game and live questions, updated quickly. It's really quite amazing.
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How many Weight Watchers points for oodles of noodles?

The small pack is meant to work out at just 2pp, this has been checked by many leaders and the packet was even brought to head office and compared. Throw a load of mushroom an ( Full Answer )
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How much is an oodle?

oodles is just the right amount of something, i.e., not less than expectation (leaving you asking for more) nor is in excess than desired.
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How do you use oodles in a sentence?

"Boiling in a pot were oodles of noodles." "Under the rock where the eggs had been, there were now oodles of baby frogs."
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What can you do with gsn oodles?

you can enter to win $250, kindle,$1o gift card, DVDs, and more plus you can buy whoopee cushions donate money to breast cancer all with your oodles
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How did Bezow-Zoppity Bopp Bop Oodle die?

His safety cord disconnected from the space shuttle while he was performing an exotic dance for the martians.
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How does one learn how to oodle?

Oodle is a way of selling goods online similar to how classified ads work now. The difference with Oodle is that it uses Social Media websites such as Facebook to do so. In th ( Full Answer )