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What is oracle?

Oracle is made up of a set of processes running in your operating system. These processes manage how data is stored and how it is accessed. It is a database system through wh ( Full Answer )
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Why to use oracle?

Answer by Star Nirav . This question is very broad subject and in few lines, we should not answer.... For the answer, you must have through idea/knowledge about the Organ ( Full Answer )
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What is an oracle?

"an oracle"An oracle is a person, such as priestess, through whom adeity is held to respond when consulted. An oracle is a being ofgreat wisdom and insight. One from whom one ( Full Answer )
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Who is the CEO of Oracle?

Answer . Lawrence J. Ellison has been Oracle's Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors since he co-founded the company in June 1977..
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Who is Nechung Oracle?

A worldly deity relied upon heavily by some Buddhist practitioners for advice, ironically as Buddhists have a vow not to go for ultimate refuge to worldly gods.
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What is a fullform of oracle?

Actally, ORACLE is not an acronym it was derived from the GREEK word which means Prophecy or prediction. Answer to a question believed to come from the gods. So, that we can f ( Full Answer )
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What is an oracle and what does it do?

Oracle is one of the popular database. It grows by adding many supporting tools like client tools (Developer 2000), Enterprise manager (admin), Designer tools,ERP etc. In sim ( Full Answer )
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What is the Oracle of Delphi?

Dating back to 1400 BC, the Oracle of Delphi was the most importantshrine in all Greece. The shrine was in Delphi, located on theslopes of Mount Parnassus, beneath the Castali ( Full Answer )
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What was the Oracle of Delphi?

A snake in a cave which was interrogated by a priestess who posedthe questions to it asked by embassies from the Greek cities. Delphi had a good intelligence network througho ( Full Answer )
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What is Oracle BPEL?

There is a constant pressure for businesses to interconnect their applications. This is what is driving the adoption of web services and SOA as an enterprise blue print for re ( Full Answer )
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What is oracle bones?

oracle bones are bones that ancient shang kings consulted their ancestors. and oracle is a prediction about the future.
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What is D2K in Oracle?

Oracle D2K is one of the tool which is used for the desktop application development.This is tightly integrated with the Oracle data base.You Can develop applications vary fast ( Full Answer )
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What is an oracle instance?

Instance is a combination of memory structure and process structure. Memory structure is SGA and Process structure is background processes.. SGA - System or Shared Global Are ( Full Answer )
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What is oracle is used for?

An oracle is used to help regulate the eltric pulse in the heart. Its a fleashy oval shaped tanned colored piece that sits between the left atrium and the widowmaker. If you d ( Full Answer )
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What is Oracle Financials?

Oracle Financials is an industrial-strength accounting software package from Oracle Corporation. Modules include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll ( Full Answer )
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What are the advantages of oracle?

oracle is known as keeping word best data base company. It providesdatabase to so many company so that they can operate thier businesswell.
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What is SID in oracle?

SID stands fro System Identifier and it is a unique name or number to assigned to the system on which the oracle has been installed.
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Who was the Oracle at Delphi?

someone who told the Greeks to stand their ground so they could defeat the Persians at Thermopylae.
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Where to get oracle 9i?

To get Oracle 9i, go to Go to the downloads page for 11g, scroll to the bottom, and select Previous database releases, Oracle 9i..
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Is Teiresias an oracle?

No , Teiresias isn't an oracle. The word 'oracle' refers to both the medium by which the future is learned and to the specific place where the medium is to be consulted. For e ( Full Answer )
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What is the delphie oracle?

As far as I remember she was the only oracle found by agammemnon to be accurate.
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What is an oracle account?

Oracle is the name of a database, I would guess it is an account (username/password) on that database.
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What is oracle pft?

Oracle PFT = Oracle Profitability Manager which is a tool used in the financial end.
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What are modules of oracle?

Oracle sells many functional modules which use the Oracle RDBMS asa back-end, notably Oracle Financials, Oracle HRMS, Oracle SCM,Oracle Projects, Oracle CRM, Oracle Procuremen ( Full Answer )
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What is a index in oracle?

An index is a performance-tuning method of allowing faster retrieval of records. An index creates an entry for each value that appears in the indexed columns. By default, Or ( Full Answer )
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What is precompiler in oracle?

The Oracle Precompilers are used to process C, COBOL, or PL/I programs before passing them to their native compilers. Oracle Precompilers translate embedded SQL statements in ( Full Answer )
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What is index in oracle?

index is used to increase the speed of query retriveing, when index column is specified in where condition.
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Who is the oracle of umuofia?

The Oracle was called Agbala and spoke to Umuofia and its people only through his priestess, Chielo.
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Where was the oracle located?

An oracle would be located in a temple situated to their patron God or Goddess. One of the most well-known oracle was located in Delphi - The Delphic Oracle.
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Who was poseidon's oracle?

Poseidon was one of the caretakers of the oracle at Delph ibefore Apollo took it over
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What is an oracle program?

Oracle is a company; they produce several programs (notably Oracle, a database program, and, since they bought out Sun Microsystems, Solaris and Java). The programming langua ( Full Answer )
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What does The Oracle refer to?

The Oracle refers to having a vision, forewarning, or a prediction. It's having the gift of being able to foretell the future. Oracles are not commonly talked about.
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What is the definition to oracle?

An Oracle is a person who can see or predict the future, consideredwise or prophetic.
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What was an oracle?

Its priest or priestess that acted as a medium through whom aprophecy or message was being asked from the gods in classicalhistory
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What was the purpose of an oracle?

An oracle was supposedly guidance from a god on a course of action.These oracles were usually set-ups. The questioner had to bringgifts for the god, and some cities made an in ( Full Answer )