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Can you be pregnant and the otc test are negative?

preg test . \nwell maybe your hcg level in your body is not high enough, get blood tests done to find out whats happeneing, its the only 100% sure way of knowing
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What otc medicine compares to nexium?

Answer . If severe reflux, nothing can replace it. Not even a prescription. Make sure you are not deficient in any vitamins.
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What is an otc test?

OTC means "Over the Counter", which is a test that you can buy at the store and do not need a prescription for. Many medication are called OTC which means you can just go by t ( Full Answer )
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What do OTC medicines do to a puppy?

OTC human medications are potentially life threatening to all pets, especially a puppy. Take your puppy to the vet now with all OTC medications he has eaten.
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Where is Otc codeine Michigan?

codeine is a scheduled drug. In order to recieve this drug one ofthese scenarios must occur. 1. You have a script 2. You could illegally obtain the drug 3. You could call aro ( Full Answer )
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What is OTC derivatives?

OTC stands for Over The Counter. OTC Derivatives are traded OTC and not in an electronic exchange.
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What are the ingredients in Prilosec OTC?

The active ingredient in Prilosec OTC delayed release tablets is omeprazole magnesium. Omeprazole is a "proton pump inhibitor" - it greatly slows down the manufacture of hydro ( Full Answer )
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Is Tretinoin otc?

Check out this site. it has all the information you need about this medication. And no it is available by prescription only. It does have a generic which will make it a little ( Full Answer )
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What OTC Cough syrups have Noscapine in them?

Coscopin Linctus Syrup, Coscopin Paediatric Suspension, New Coscopin Plus. All are manufactured by Biological E. Limited, India
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Is Ibuprofen an OTC medicine?

\nIbuprofen has a dual status as both prescription brand Motrin, as well as OTC status\nMotrin-IB and also generically available by many manufacturers.
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Is Zyrtec otc?

Yes, it is over the counter. If you plan on taking it daily try going to Kroger and buying it in bulk. They have 100 pills for $25.00 behind the counter in the pharmacy, no pr ( Full Answer )
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What does OTC mean?

OTC are the first initials to the words Over The Counter. Medications like aspirin and Tylenol that do not need prescriptions to be sold to people are called OTC drugs.
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What ingredients are in prilosec otc?

Check the info for ingredients. If you can't, try googling the info pic of it. Or ask a dealer where you can find it.
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Is codeine otc?

Codeine is not an over the counter drug. A prescription is required or the pharmacist must determine if the codeine is required for the patient.
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What is SBR no. or OTC in sss form?

You'll find more information about SSS online registration on this link. Download the PDF file and read the SBR section. ( Full Answer )
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What are otc products?

OTC stands for "Over The Counter" This refers to medications that do not require a prescription to be bought. (ie the drugs in the isles of your local pharmacy)
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Are there OTC anti-emetic drugs?

promethazine theoclate i.e avomine is OTC anti-emetic drug. you can also buy ondensetron & domeperidone.
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What does it mean when jewelry is stamped with OTC?

OTC Ltd. is the company that made the piece of jewelry. From what I understand they have become quite a force in the jewelry industry. They now have fine gold, diamond and sil ( Full Answer )
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Do Otc painkillers make you constipated?

Sometimes. It depends on what your genes are, and if you have had any problems in the past. It also depends on your body type. It all depends on the person.
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What OTC drug can replace percoset?

There is no drug OTC that has the same efficacy as the medication Percocet. Oxycodone is the main ingredient in Percocet and is ONLY available by prescription. Now, the other ( Full Answer )
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What does the stamp otc mean?

Stamps come in various forms mint (not used postally or any other way) mounted mint (when a person mounts the stamp on a hinge to store as part of a collection) or used throug ( Full Answer )
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What does otc mean on 10k jewelry?

When you have a piece of 10k jewelry that has 'OTC' on it, it isthe name of the company. OTC has been a leader in the fine jewelryindustry for many years.
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What OTC drugs are like Adderall?

The best OTC alternatives to adderall are Notroopics - also known as "smart drugs." They are clinically proven to increase brain function and concentration. Some products a ( Full Answer )
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What is best OTC drug for arthritis?

Flexcin, although not a drug, is a synergistic supplement with proteolytic enzymes as a key element. They act as natural anti inflammatories and aid in the assimilation of the ( Full Answer )
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What does otc mean on jewelry stamped OTC 925?

If a piece of jewelry is stamped with OTC 925, the OTC stamp is thename of the company that made the jewelry, OTC International. 925is a common stamp on all sterling silver.
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How are prescription medicines to OTC medicines?

Prescription-only medicines ( POM, Rx ) which can be sold by a pharmacist if prescribed by a doctor . Pharmacy medicines ( P ) which may be sold by a pharmacist without presc ( Full Answer )
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What does the medical abbreviation OTC mean?

OTC usually stands for Over The Counter. It also stands for Ornithine transcarbamylase. "OTC" stands for "over-the-counter," which in the US means that you can purchase that m ( Full Answer )
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What are otc stocks used for?

"otc stocks are used for the normal stock trade. you can keep all your stocks close and spread them out for the maximum protection and necessities, it is great."
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What OTC sleep-aid is the best?

It is best to consult a physcian or just ask a reliable pharmacist on what OTC sleep aids they would recommend. I would suggest not taking medical advice from anyone other the ( Full Answer )
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What is American OTC market?

They're are American penny stocks basically. They are high risk but can also bring high rewards. We're talking 100%-1000% sometimes more.
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What otc pain killers can get you high?

Well, they have high prices, but that is not what you are trying toask. The answer to that question is absolutely none of them, andthey are all dangerous if taken in quantitie ( Full Answer )
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Where can one get otc stock quotes?

Stock quotes can be found in many places including; the internet, books, newspaper, magazines and at the stock market. OTC has it's own website which can easily be found to re ( Full Answer )
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Where one can get an OTC sleeping aids?

Over the counter sleeping aids should be available in most pharmacies. If unavailable locally, then they can be purchased online, for example through shopping websites such as ( Full Answer )
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Where can I get Ibuprofen 600mg OTC?

I have taken lbuprofen 600mg but i had to get them though my doctorcause ibuprofen is in presciption strenght at this point you can'tget it except buying several and taking mo ( Full Answer )