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What is Sar-Ox?

Sar-Ox Legislation . Sarbanes - Oxley (the names of the legislatures that sponsored the bill). This is the name of the legislation made after Enron that changed the audi ( Full Answer )
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What is an ox?

Technically, an ox is a castrated male of the domesticated bovine species ( Bos primigenius ), but the name is more widely applied to any large, usually horned, bovine animal ( Full Answer )
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Is oxing a word?

yes . noun : any of various wild bovines especially of the genera Bos or closely related Bibos . noun : an adult castrated bull of the genus Bos; especially Bos taurus ( Full Answer )
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What is an ox-herd?

An ox-herd is a person who watches over a herd of oxen; in the same way a shepherd watches over sheep.
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Is ox tail from a cow or ox?

The oxtail was once really from an ox but nowadays the term generally refers to beef or veal tail.
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Is an ox a mammal?

Yes, because they are a live birth and the baby suckles milk from it's mother.
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Is an ox a cow?

Yes and no. Oxen are cattle bred to pull carts and ploughs; cows are bred for their milk.
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Feminine of ox?

The word ox or oxen can actually refer to both male and female bovines. A female ox is a cow, the male ox is a bull.
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What is the gender of an ox?

An ox primarily pertains to castrated male bovines, but can also refer to females as well.
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How do you get biometal ox?

In order to get model ox in megaman zx you must beat the game in normal or hard mode. Then warp to area m and then go to area n through the door. After that if you go to the b ( Full Answer )
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Pronounciation of ox?

äks :::::::: is the correct pronunciation, but you can also make the O a short vowel sound and writ oks
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What is the opposite of ox?

There really is no opposite or antonym of an ox or oxen. Oxen genders are a bull or a steer, if castrated, and a cow.
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Where do OX live?

Ox or oxen live in every part of the world! However, they areprimarily found in areas such as South America and Central America.
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What is ox in Christianity?

In Christian iconography, the ox is frequently used as a symbol for the evangelist Luke.
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Is an ox extinct?

Many species of oxen are still around. They are used for many purposes in China and in other developing countries.
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How big is an ox?

This all depends on the breed. An ox from the Chianina breed can weigh around 3800 lbs, whereas an ox from the Shorthorn breed may weigh only around 1500 lbs.
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What is a domesticated ox?

A domesticated ox would be an ox that is no longer wild, it has also been adapted to live under certain conditions in an area usually controlled by humans. I also usually occu ( Full Answer )
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What does the ox symbolize?

A Ox is a symbol of religion, Chinese astrology, and zodiac for aTaurus. It often symbolizes power, resurrection, masculinity,fertility, and fatherhood.
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What can an ox be used for?

im pretty sure they use to be used for pulling like carts and stuff... i don't know what they are used for now... sorry. dont worry now they are used for food and for clothin ( Full Answer )
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What is a steer and an ox?

A steer is a castrated male bovine (or bull) that is raised for meat. An ox is a castrated male bovine (can also be female too) that is trained and used for pulling carts, ( Full Answer )
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Where does ox live?

Oxen (pl.) are basically any bovine at the age of 3+ years old or more (cow or steer) that are used to pull around carriages and heavy lifting. You see Oxen in smaller towns a ( Full Answer )
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What is a bird ox?

It is the phonetic spelling for burdocks which are the velcro like spheres that stick to clothing, hair, etc., that come from a thistle plant named burdock.
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What is an ox picker?

An ox pecker is a bird that specializes in sitting on another animal, and pecking at the ticks, fleas, etc on that animal. This is a good example of a symbiotic relationship.
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Can the ox swim?

they can but if it is really deep like 3 feet they panic and drown so this is a yes and no question!
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How much is an ox?

$2,500 - $10,000, depending on the quality. The related link below shows an example of the cost of a team of oxen.
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Why are there no female ox?

It is very rare for a female to be used for Ox because not only are females used for breeding purposes but they do not have the same muscle structure and strength that males d ( Full Answer )
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Who is Ox Sawyer?

Ox Sawyer is an American independent professional wrestler. He is currently wrestling in the mid-west and has had 2 TNA/Impact wrestling tryouts: December of 2010 and in June ( Full Answer )
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What is ox and cow?

An ox is a castrated bull that is trained to pull carts, wagons, ploughs, etc. Cows are mature female bovines that have had at least two calves. Cows are primarily used for ( Full Answer )
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Is ox omnivore?

No.. Ox is a herbivore. Herbivores feed on plants only. Omnivores feed on both plants and animals. Eg human beings Carnivores feed on only animals. Eg: tiger
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What is ox-tallow?

Ox-tallow is the fat of an ox. Ox-tallow was first used by the Ancient Egyptian's in their scented cones.
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What is an Egyptian Ox?

Ox is an Old English word for any type of domestic cattle that are bred to work rather than for meat or milk. Such animals must be strong and have stamina, long endurance and ( Full Answer )
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What is pulse ox?

Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive method allowing the monitoring of the oxygenation of a patient's hemoglobin.
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Can you eat ox?

Technically, an Ox is a castrated, older and more muscular steer traditionally used for as a draft animal for tasks such as pulling carts or plows. At the end of their lives, ( Full Answer )
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Is ox kosher?

Ox-meat CAN be kosher if the animal was slaughtered by a trainedbutcher called a shocet, using a special method called shechita which severs the jugular vein, the caroroiudar ( Full Answer )