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How do you identify a red-ox reaction?

Change in oxidation number . A redox reaction is one in which electrons are being transferred from one compound to another. One species will give up electrons, and the oth (MORE)
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Is an ox-eyed Dasiy an aster?

The scientific name of oxeye daisy is Leucanthemum vulgare . It is a member of the family Asteraceae but is not in the genus Aster.
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What is Sar-Ox?

Sar-Ox Legislation . Sarbanes - Oxley (the names of the legislatures that sponsored the bill). This is the name of the legislation made after Enron that changed the audi (MORE)
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What are oxes on a farm?

Oxen are castrated bulls. Historically, they were used to providepower to pull carts and plow fields. They were also eaten.
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Is oxing a word?

yes . noun : any of various wild bovines especially of the genera Bos or closely related Bibos . noun : an adult castrated bull of the genus Bos; especially Bos taurus (MORE)
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What is an ox-herd?

An ox-herd is a person who watches over a herd of oxen; in the same way a shepherd watches over sheep.
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How is an ox-bow lake formed?

The path of a river naturally meanders back and forth and changesforming loops over time as the banks are worn away at fast parts onthe outside of a bend and sediment is depos (MORE)
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How do you spell oxes?

The word for more than one ox is oxen.
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Are oxes lazy?

when they aren't working they are just big cows it comes naturally
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Are oxes fast?

oxes aren't really fast you gouche.
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Which greek god was Ox-eyed?

'Ox eyed' merely means dark eyed. Some goddesses, like Hera and Amphitite were discribed as such - it may also hint to what was sacrificed to them. Both Zeus and Dionysus (MORE)
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What is ox-tallow?

Ox-tallow is the fat of an ox. Ox-tallow was first used by the Ancient Egyptian's in their scented cones.
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Who write 'the ox' a sorts story?

The is no book found by the title The Ox. There is a book calledthe Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall.
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How do you spell oxe?

The singular noun is ox , and the plural is oxen. (* the spelling with E reflects the variants in ax/axe )