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How do you get to Oahu Hawaii?

I believe the only choice you will have is to fly or go by ship. Driving without a very special type of vehicle should not be attempted and extremely specialized skills are ma ( Full Answer )
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What is Oahu?

The Island of Oahu is Hawaii all on one island and truly is the heart of Hawaii®. Oahu is home to Hawaii's State Capital, Honolulu, and often nicknamed "The Gathering Place ( Full Answer )
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How big is the island of Oahu?

Oahu is 44 miles long, 30 miles wide, 112 miles around, and isthe third-largest island in the Hawaiian chain of 132 isles.
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Where is Oahu located?

Oahu is in the pacific island where the other Hawaiian islands are in look at it on a map... its easier
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What do you call someone from Oahu?

A Hawaiian, probably.. Not everybody from Hawaii is Hawaiian some are Asian others are Irish some are Spanish and so on
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What is the distance between kauai and Oahu?

The distance between Kauai and Oahu is 108 miles. The flightdistance between the two locations is approximately 35 minutes.
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When was the last volcano eruption on Oahu?

There are two volcanoes located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.These volcanoes include Waianae and Koolau. The last time thateither of these volcanoes erupted was approximate ( Full Answer )
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What is the nickname of Oahu?

The nickname Oahu has a meaning which means a gathering place. Oahuis the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands.
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What is the population of Oahu?

The aproximate population of Oahu is 875,000. The population of Oahu is 953,207 according to the 2010 United States census.
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When was Oahu formed?

Oahu was formed about 2.2-3.8 million years. I came to this conclution because wai a nae is one of the oldest on Oahu and wai a nae is 2.2-3.8 million years old.
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Are there seagulls in Oahu?

On my nine visits to Oahu, I have seen some sea birds but not any seagulls. More importantly there are no flies.
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What is the size of Oahu?

driving time takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to get from far west to far east points and north to south takes a little over an hour a little over 600 square miles
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Where is the region called Oahu?

One of the Hawaiian islands where the capital Honolulu and Pearl Harbor naval base are located.
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The Hawaiin island of Oahu was named after?

Ancient Hawaiian tradition says that it is named after the son of the Polynesian navigator Hawaiiloa which may or may not be true.
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Is there transportation from maui to Oahu?

There are many daily flights. For a few years until last year, there was also ferry service but that has been discontinued. You can charter a boat or plane as well.
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How do you pronounce Oahu?

I'm from the Philippines and I would pronounce it as "wAH-Huu." I have been to Hawaii and am sure it is pronounced "oh-ah-who. A: . Oh-are-who
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Is Oahu Hawaii's major city?

No, Oahu is the name of the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Honolulu is the largest city on Oahu and in the Hawaiian Islands and is also the State Capital.
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Is there a dollar store in Oahu Hawaii?

Yes there is one in Wahiawa, HI. The store's name is Dollar Value Store, Inc. located at 571 California Avenue, Wahiawa, Hawaii 96786. It is very similar to a dollar store in ( Full Answer )
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Has it snowed on the island of Oahu?

Hawaii does get snow on the tops of the three tallest volcanoes:Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea and Haleakala. But none of these volcanoes areon the islands of Oahu.
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What does Oahu do with their trash?

that is a stupid question (no offense) WhAt dO YOU dO With YOUR tRASh? :) hawaii may be far, from North America, but it is not like we throw all our trash into the o ( Full Answer )
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How do you fly from Kauai to Oahu?

Aloha. Answer: There are small inter-island airlines that operate in Hawai`i: Aloha, Mokulele, etc. Rates are good for most, and even better if you are kama-aina (a local).
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Why is Oahu a major city of Hawaii?

Oahu is an island of the Hawaiian Islands on which the city of Honolulu is located, which is the largest city of Hawaii. So Oahu is not a city at all.
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How can you get from Oahu to maui?

Regularly scheduled flights, chartered flights or chartered boats. There had been a ferry but was shut down.
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Are there jellyfish in Oahu?

Jellyfish can be found off of Oahu, although they aren't a big problem. As far as I'm aware, there are no jellyfish there that can kill humans. Though the are Box Jellyfish th ( Full Answer )
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Are pineapples and sugarcane grown on Oahu?

Yes, but not on the large scale it used to be done at in the early 1900's, when agriculture was big in Hawaii.
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What is one forest on Oahu?

The Oahu Forest National Wildlife Refuge is located on the upper slopes of the northern Ko'olau Mountains. It protects the Koolau Forest, one of the last remaining intact nati ( Full Answer )
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How many landmarks does Oahu have?

The Hawaiian Island of Oahu contains too many landmarks to mention, but here are ones that attract allot of attention: 1. The Diamond Head peak and national park that for hel ( Full Answer )
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Where do the Oahu tree snail live?

Oahu tree snails live in an Hawaii. It is sad to be said that there used to be 41 species of tree snails living there but by predation the rosy wolf snail lost its habitat and ( Full Answer )
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What are some hotels in Oahu Hawaii?

There are many different hotels in Oahu in Hawaii because it is such a popular place for tourists. Highly rated ones include the Halekulani Hotel and the Aqua Lotus Honolulu H ( Full Answer )
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What are some popular hotels in Oahu?

Both Hotels and Trip Advisor offer comparison and reviews of hotels in Oahu. Other travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak and Booking can also help you plan ( Full Answer )