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What do you do if your Palm Pilot won't turn on even after plugging it in and pressing the reset button?

Answer . Yea, mine did that. I had to replace it. Hope you've been going through the sync process regularly. \n. \nYou might want to check the charger. If it's not workin (MORE)
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How do you take pictures with a CENTRIOS USB2.0 Webcam I press the snapshot button but nothing happens?

\nhey there\nthere is one service i use called Picanom\ngo to - it lets you take pictures and lets you play around with some basic effects - the photos you tak (MORE)
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What happens when you press the do not press button?

Well if you are talking about the DO NOT PRESS app on an IPod Touch, nothing will really happen. I mean, it will say,after you press the red button again, "*Ahem*, DO NOT PRES (MORE)
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Is there a digital camera that will take pictures the precise or near enough moment you press the button?

I believe you are referring to Shutter Lag . It's the amount of time you wait between pressing the button and the camera actually taking the photo. Generally speaking, more (MORE)
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What if your iPhone home button wont work?

try restoring your iPhone and if that doesn't work, try taking it to the apple store to get it fixed/ thank uu./cause i tried that last night on my computer but it wouldn't (MORE)
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Can you claim new iPhone 4 if home button brakes?

Provided its not your fault you should be able to get it repaired and the handset is not out of warranty. If your phone is affected altogether you might get a replacement but (MORE)
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What can you do if the home button is broken on your iPhone?

To navigate without the home button, you will want to enableAssistiveTouch. This can be done by going to Settings > General> Accessibility, and scroll until you see AssistiveT (MORE)
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Where is lock and home button on the iPhone 5?

The lock and the home buttons on the iPhone 5 are the same as on all previous model iPhones; the lock button is at the top right of the phone (when held with the display facin (MORE)