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What is p shermanii?

During cheese-making the bacteria are added to certain cheeses such as Emmental (also known as Swiss) and Leerdammer, and when warmed bubbles of carbon dioxide form in the che ( Full Answer )
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In cytology what does p-a-p and p-a-f stand FOR?

In cytology, PAP is a shortened version of the name Papaniculeaou, for the originator of this stain. Once a cytology specimen (body fluid or fixative solution containing cells ( Full Answer )
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What is a p wave?

A p wave is the primary or compression wave in a seismic wave. it's wavy
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What are p waves?

P waves are primary waves. P waves are waves that travel outward from an earthquake's focus abd cause particles in rocks to move aback abd forth oin the same direction the vwa ( Full Answer )
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What is plus p?

+P on a firearm cartridge indicates that it is loaded to a higher pressure than it's non +P counterpart. In essence, it means that the bullet will travel faster.
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What does -p mean?

what do you mean by -p . Where did you see it. I may be able to answer if you tell me where it came from. Cheers. :)
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Who is p-square?

P-Square is twins known as Peter and Jason Okaye, you can find more information on wikepieda
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What is Pleasure P?

that's a singer who sings- i did you wrong and was in the singing group pretty ricky
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What is 10 P?

P + P + P + P + P + P + P + P + P + P
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What is 3 P on a B P?

3 Pennance on a blue peter * * * * * I somehow do not think a Blue Peter is doing penance for its sins. I suggest 3 pennants on a Blue Peter, instead.
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Who is Kenny p?

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Who is this Taylor p.?

You need to be more specific. There are probably a million Taylor P. s out there.
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What is are P waves?

p waves are also called primary waves, they are a kind of vibation in the earths crust, that causes earthquakes. they are the fastest waves, and they are read easiest
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Who is P. Diddy?

Pdiddy is an American rapper, From 1997 to 2000 he was known as "puff daddy". From 2001 to 2004 he was known as P. daddy, And in 2005 he was known as "daddy". His real name is ( Full Answer )
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What does the p stand for in p waves?

Primary Wave and the other is Surface wave (S wave) in case anyone is wondering. Both are part of earthquakes.
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What was the p-51?

The p-51 was a world war II aircraft, designed to escort the B-17 bombers to its targets.
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Is there A that begins with P?

okay? no, wait, it spells, AP! check your question again to see if you asked it right.
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What happens if you p p p pick up a penguin?

drag "a penguin"! ^ that works if you're talking about the impossible quiz. umm.. i think penguins are quite oily, if that helps.
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What does the p in p waves stand for?

The P wave in the EKG is caused by the wave of contraction of the atria (upper chambers) of the heart.
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2 p for a c in p?

2 points for a colour in pool -might not be the answer but could be on the right lines?
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What does the P in colonel P mean?

It means Colonel promotable. That means that that colonel has been selected to be promoted to the next rank, which in the US Army, is brigadier general. Until the actual date ( Full Answer )
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What is p cubed?

To cube something is to raise to the third power. P cubed would be p^3
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What does A and P stand for in A and P mechanic?

If you are referring from the aerospace industry, is someone who is certified on working with an aircraft (airplanes or helicopter). The "A" refers to the certification on the ( Full Answer )
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What is P-R-E-P?

It can be the abbreviation for preparation. It can also represent : Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program Pediatrics Review and Education Program Potentially Reduce ( Full Answer )
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What is a p-n-p junction?

A PNP transistor is a bipolar transistor formed by two opposing PN junctions in close proximity.
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How do you solve for p?

Do you have a specific problem for this question? Because when a question asks for you to "solve for p" they will put it in the form of an algebraic equation, for example, 1 + ( Full Answer )
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What is P-CMM?

P-CMM refers to the People Capability Maturity Model. It's a best practices framework for developing an organization's workforce that is in use around the globe. People CMM is ( Full Answer )
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What does 25 p in a p mean?

I could refer to 25 PENCE on a POUND, pence and pound being denominations of British Pounds Sterling (£), normally P in a/the P is used when referring to tax.
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What does H I P P A stand for?

Did you mean HIPAA? HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which was passed almost recently in 1996. It's basically an act to protect the p ( Full Answer )
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Why do p?

The cost of a student is $1 more than half of an adult ticket. Sixadult and four student is
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What is p trap?

In plumbing, a trap is a U-, S-, or J-shaped pipe located below or within a plumbing fixture.
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What does the abbreviation P and P mean?

It depends greatly on the context. In online personal ads, P&P or PnP stands for "party and play,"which means to use methamphetamines (crystal meth) and then havesex. In mer ( Full Answer )
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What is P squared divided by P?

P squared = P*P. When divided by P, the equation becomes (P*P/P, and the answer is "P".
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What is p in this equation P-9.7564?

There is no equation as the equal sign has been stripped out ofyour equation. There are 3 possible positions the equal sign can be re-inserted toget an equation: . p - 9.7 ( Full Answer )