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What is the effect of sodium hydroxide on the action of pepsinogen?

Sodium Hydroxide and Pepsin Pepsinogen is an inactive form of the enzyme pepsin. Pepsin is a protease, meaning a hydrolytic enzyme, one that breaks down its substrate. In t ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between pepsin and pepsinogen?

Pepsin is a powerful protein digesting enzyme which is far too dangerous in its active form so it is released in an inactive pepsinogen form by the cell and activated only in ( Full Answer )
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What cells make pepsinogen?

My teacher said they are produced by peptic cells. The answer is : chief cell,they produce and secrete pepsinogen
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What changes pepsinogen to pepsin?

Evidence relating to the structure and properties of swine pepsinogen and pepsin has been reviewed and used to suggest a tentative two dimensional picture of the skeleton of t ( Full Answer )
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Is pepsinogen organic or inorganic?

Pepsinogen is an inactive form of the digestive enzyme pepsin. Almost all enzymes are proteins, and proteins are organic macromolecules.
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What is the function of Pepsinogens?

\npepsinogens when pumped into the stomach and exposed to an acid environment form pepsin. pepsin is a protease breaking proteins down into amino acids.
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Pepsinogen digestive enzyme secreted by?

pepsinogen digestive enzyme secreted by stomach and it digests proteins.protein's digestion start in stomach and it lasts during intestine by chief cells of the stomach
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Is pepsinogen and pepsin same?

Not exactly. Pepsinogen is the precursor to pepsin which is activated by hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
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How does pepsinogen change into its active form?

The proenzyme pepsinogen,on exposure to hydrochloric acid gets converted into active enzyme pepsin,the proteolytic enzyme of the stomach.Pepsin converts proteins into proteose ( Full Answer )
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Why is pepsin stored under pepsinogen?

Pepsinogen becomes pepsin when activated by the stomach's Hydrochloric acid. This protein digest proteins, it could not be produced nor stored in the body's cells in its activ ( Full Answer )
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Does pepsin secrete pepsinogen?

No, pepsin is the active form of pepsinogen. The hydrochloric acid in the stomach clips of portions of the pepsinogen to reveal the active site, turning it to pepsin.
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What does Pepsinogen break down?

Proteins Pepsinogen is the precursor form of pepsin, which is an enzyme that is released in the stomach which breaks proteins down into peptides.
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How does pepsinogen become active pepsin?

True. It is activated when hydrocholric acid is released from the stomach wall. HCL of stomach. hydrochloric acid