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What is poster color?

A water paint with a gum binder, which is brilliant, opaque, and fast-drying, and usually sold in jars. Also known as show-card color. Preferred by grade school art classes. (MORE)
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How do you use poster colors?

Poster colors are also called Tempra paints. They are water basedpaints and are simple to use. The way to use them is to mix themwith water until they are a thick consistency. (MORE)
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Were can you buy a one direction poster?

well i got some posters of one direction in tiger beat magazines just buy those magazines only if some articles are about one direction
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Where can one get posters and prints done?

You can get poster and prints done at many different places. You can get posters and prints done online. Some the best site you can go to is AllPoster and PostersAndPrint.
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Where can one purchase Christmas posters?

Christmas posters are purchasable throughout the year, even if it's in the middle of July or any summer month for that matter. The best place to purchase Christmas posters is (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a poster bed?

Beds can be purchased at many stores. If you are looking for a good poster bed though the best place to check would be a store that focuses on bed. Leons is a good store that (MORE)
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Where can one find The Beatles posters?

The Beatles are an iconic band that were widely popular in the 1950's. Their posters can be found everywhere, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Kmart.
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Where can one purchase a Scarface poster?

Posters of the movie "Scarface" can be purchased at a number of retail locations and online stores. Walmart, FYE, Amazon, and eBay, for example, each sell these posters.
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Where can one purchase federal posters?

You can purchase federal posters on shopping sites, like Amazon. There are also websites where you can make your own poster, if you can't find what you're looking for on shopp (MORE)
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Where can one purchase movie posters?

One can purchase movie posters online on sites such as Ebay and Amazon which both have many different movie posters that you can purchase and they also differ in size.
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Where can one purchase a Radiohead poster?

Radiohead posters can be purchased from a number of different retailers. Some of these retailers include the websites All Posters, Framed Art, Good Rock, and Trippy Store.
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Where does one find compliance posters?

There are several places on line that you can go to purchase compliance posters. They cost about $55.00 US. Or you can get them from your states Department of Labor at no char (MORE)
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Where can one go to print posters?

One can go to many places, for examples of local stores, one would go to "Kinkos". Online there is much more options, these include "Zazzle", "VistaPrint", and OfficeDepot".
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Where can one find poster paint?

One can find poster paint online at Amazon or at eBay. One can also find them in stores at places like Art Shoppe, Curry's Art Shop and other places that sell paint and art su (MORE)
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Where can one buy Disney posters?

One can purchase Disney posters in many different places. Some places one can them are in the Disney official web page, eBay, AllPosters, and Easyart.
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Where can one purchase football posters?

Football posters can be purchased at many sporting goods stores. Fathead has some really interesting life size type wall coverings as well. Posters can often be purchased at (MORE)
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Where can one get a Green Day poster?

Green Day posters are available from several different places. Some examples for online shops include "Amazon", "eBay", "AllPosters" and of course special music retailers like (MORE)
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Where can one purchase surfing posters?

One can purchase surfing posters from some sporting goods stores. One may also be able to find a surfing poster at a local department store such as Walmart or Target.
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Where can one find weed posters?

One can find weed posters on the website All Posters. All Posters offer a wide range of poster for many different purposes and uses including weed posters for any purpose.
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Where can one purchase car posters?

There are a number of places one can purchase car posters. Often, auto parts stores will have a small selection of these posters for purchase. They can also be found online (MORE)
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Where can one purchase kids posters?

There are many locations that someone can purchase kids posters from. Online they can be found through Amazon and allposters. They can also be found in store from Target.
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Where can one purchase basketball posters?

Basketball posters may be purchased at a myriad of independent stores. They tend to proliferate around the arenas, but can also be found at numerous suburban outlet malls.