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What are the best apps from android market?

Well, it would depend on what kind of apps you want and/or need. But in my opinion, the #1 recommended app for ALL Droid phones is the AdvancedTaskKiller app. What it does is (MORE)
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Can all Android apps go on a Android tablet?

All android apps can go but it depends on space available on your android tablet. If there is not enough GB of available space then it cannot go. Its highly unlikely you could (MORE)
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How do you use android market app?

well i dont have an android but im guessing its similar to the app store where you click on it and you can search for the apps or they have apps there, dpends on what you want (MORE)
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How do you review an app in android market?

After installation when you again open the page of downloaded app, you can see the option to rate app and to add comment on it. There you can rate and review app as a comment. (MORE)
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Where is the Android app store on the Android tablet?

It can be found at the top right-hand corner of any Android 3.x+ tablet's app drawer. Additionally, you can locate it in your app drawer under the name "Google Play Store."
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How do you submit Android apps to the Android market?

Go the the Android Developers website and click Publish. Next login into a Google Account, I recommend using a separate developer account for this. Follow and fill in the ins (MORE)
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Can you get i - phone apps on an android phone?

This depends on the developer. Sometimes a developer will develop applications exclusively for Android or exclusively for iOS. But you can usually find the same app or a simil (MORE)
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Can you read on the Android tablet pc?

Yes. Google has their own in-house offering, Google Play Books and Google Play Magazines that turn your Android into a full-featured eBook reader. Books can be obtained via th (MORE)
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How do you download apps to your Android tablet?

You can download apps on the market, but if you don't have that then go to google and get the market from there . I am sorry if this dosn't help. It helped for me though !
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What are android app stores for tablets?

A user interface for accessing a repository for software designed to be executed on a device running the Android operating system. TL;DR It lets you download apps.
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What app on android records what you do on the device?

i have no idea what the question said i just randomly clicked on one to say and answer just wait a second while i look at the question so i can answer it, so you want to know (MORE)
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Do Acer tablets have Android markets?

Yes, acer tablet powering itself with Android does have AndroidMarket installed, what you need to search for is the GooglePlayStore available over device. Look out the device (MORE)
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What is the best app for the Android tablet?

There are variety of Apps available in terms of Millions but comingto best we can name them easily. Mostly Best Android Apps areusually games for spending your good time. I su (MORE)
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What is the cheapest Android tablet on the market?

There is one tablet being sold that is consistently the cheapest for the Android operating system. That is the Asus ME172V which sells for $129 in the United States.